From churches to castles

Still harping on about my Fifty before Fifty challenge, at number 7 we have visit every castle in England.

Now I already have an awful lot of churches to visit – 11 down, 331 to go – and the list of castles I have chosen to complete (which can  be found here) includes 170 castles.

So I have decided to cheat. Well, not cheat exactly, more to award myself previously earned credit for those I have already been to.

But I do need to prove that I have, in fact, attended these places and so only ones for which I can provide photographic evidence are eligible to be officially ticked off.

So, in alphabetical order, I present to you:

Ashby de la Zouch Castle, Leicestershire.

Bolsover Castle, Derbyshire.

Clifford’s Tower, York, Yorkshire.

Conisbrough Castle, Yorkshire.

Dover Castle, Kent.

Lincoln Castle, Lincolnshire.

Newark Castle, Nottinghamshire.

Peveril Castle, Castleton, Derbyshire.

Porchester Castle, Hampshire. See the church down there? My brother was christened in there. We lived in Porchester for a couple of years.

Scarborough Castle, Yorkshire.

The Tower of London, London.

Warwick Castle, Warwickshire.

And Windsor Castle.

There you have it. Proof of my attendance at this Baker’s Dozen of castles.

That’ll be 157 to go then :)

  1. So beautiful and old…love your collection so far…..after you get the churches and castles covered you could do the pubs!

    • Oh that is such a good idea :) – historic pubs of England here we come

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