Stepping back in time

I returned to work yesterday after my fortnight off and I have to say it was hideous – far worse than I could have expected. When gorgeous daughter number 2 was having problems at work I told her no job was worth getting that stressed about and she ought to leave.

Now she had no responsibilities, I do, but it is still time I listened to my own advice and made a concerted effort to do something about it. It is taking a toll on my health and my sanity.

Anyway, enough whining.

I mentioned the other day that Man and I came across a 1940s day at Papplewick Pumping Station near Nottingham.

We were looking for something to do and this was virtually on the doorstep.

Quite apart from the fact that the pumping station would appear to be a great place to visit anyway, the 1940s day was fabulous.

There was so much going on and so many people who had made huge efforts to go along in character.

We found an Army officer, reminiscent of Captain Mainwairing, with his gramaphone, who told me all about the size and quality of gramaphone players going down through the Army ranks. Apparently the term ‘put a sock in it’ comes from literally putting a sock in your gramaphone to quieten it down so it didn’t disturb other people.

There were housewives knitting and having tea. a couple of police officers keeping things under control, plenty of soldiers and a smattering of airmen and sailors, families having picnics served from traditional hampers, cars and other vehicles, armaments and household goods and plenty of entertainment.

There were also radio controlled boats and a submarine on the lake, which were lots of fun.

Man and I practiced asking people whether we could take their photographs (and all of them said yes woo hoo).

We even tracked down Winston Churchill :)

It was a lovely day and we had loads of fun taking the photographs. My personal favourites are the land girl and the girl with red hair and her boyfriend.



  1. They’re all gorgeous – and I loved their clothes… wish we still wore some of those lovely things!

    • Oh I know, such amazing style. Beautiful clothing :)

  2. The 1940’s group looks wonderful..and so good for everyone else to experience. This brings to mind the steadying advice…”stay ( or is it” be” calm )and carry on”…..maybe display that message at work…best wishes.

    • They had made such an effort with their clothes and their props – it was great to see :)

  3. haha, I’m almost in the top photo or at least my spinning wheel bag is !! It was a great day out :-)

    • Haha :) well I’m sorry I missed you. It certainly was a great day.

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