Every day the list gets longer

I am nearly at the end of my fortnight’s holiday.

Tomorrow I head back down south to my house and then on Tuesday it is back to the grindstone.

I’ve had a lovely couple of weeks mooching about, Man and I just doing whatever we wanted, when we wanted.

I have crossed several things of several lists. I like lists, I’m very good at making lists.

But somehow, the lists have not got any shorter – in fact quite the reverse – and new lists have appeared as if by magic in my brain, on my phone, on my laptop and in my notebook.

I finished Paulo Coelho’s The Zahir this morning (number two of the 72 books I have promised myself I shall read before my fiftieth birthday).

It’s a magical tale of love, obsession and pilgrimage and I thoroughly enjoyed it (I haven’t yet not enjoyed a Coelho book). Now, however, I want to know more about Kazakhstan, more about the Steppes of Central Asia and more about Tengir. And so off I go on a little tangent.

Also added to my reading list over the last couple of days is The Door in the Wall by HG Wells, which came about after a comment from a fellow blogger on a series of door photos I took in Nottingham, and Wuthering Heights, which I feel I should add because Man and I visited Haworth the other day.

A bridge at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

A visit to Bradford to the National Media Museum and to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park involved driving north up the M1 on two consecutive days. And now, although they have been crossed off a list, other things have been added.

We passed signs for the National Mining Museum and to somewhere called Elsecar Heritage Centre. I have never been to either and they are now added to the Places to Visit list. As is Sheffield, somewhere else we passed on the way, where it looks like, if you go to the top of a nearby hill, you might be able to get amazing nighttime shots of the city below. Plus I like industrial architecture.

The Sculpture Park has also made me want to visit more galleries and exhibitions and the scenery around Haworth makes me want to explore the Yorkshire Moors more.

A visit to my friends Di and Paul to see their latest batch of unbelievably cute Basset Hound pups had us all chatting about places to visit.

Whitby’s  Goth Weekend has now been added to a list.

The brass at St Mary Magdelene Church, Stapleford.

This brass, which we found in the church of St Mary Magdelene Church in Stapleford on Friday means I want to have a go at brass rubbing again.

And Man and I were also discussing having a go at bell ringing – just for fun, you know :).

Our trek round the churches on Friday also flagged up another couple of things to do.

We bypassed Oakham in Rutland, ticking Rutland off the list of counties to visit, but adding Oakham to the list of places to explore.

Apparently it has a castle and the castle houses a collection of Royal horseshoes donated by royalty down the centuries who have visited the castle. Now who would not want to see that?

And of course there is Rutland Water which has to be worth a visit.

And the earlier trips foraging for fungi means I now have to learn about fungi cos my knowledge is currently zilch.

And a walk all around Virginia Water is now on a list too. We just rambled when we visited and didn’t really see the lake at all. The route around the lake is apparently 4.5 miles long. Good practice for the ten mile walk, once each year until my 50th birthday says the Fifty before Fifty challenge.

The view from Wymondham windmill.

Discovering the number of free courses online – especially the Open University ones – has opened up a wealth of learning opportunities.

So far I have completed a module on sustainable energy and another about a National Trust waterfall and industrial site in Wales. Why? Because they were there. And there are loads of others there too.

Everything I read, everywhere Man and I go, everything we do, taste, chat about, hear or watch leads to other things I want to try, see or find out about.

If I lived a million years there would still be things on the list that I hadn’t managed to cross off.

But the important thing, I reckon, is to keep crossing off and adding to the list cos if I ran out of things on the list then what would I do?

  1. Excellent couple of weeks off I’d say! One March Break from teaching (1 week long) I spent the entire week sleeping and doing the very bare minimum around home. When I went back to work, as I walked into the staff room…one collegue who always spoke her mind said..”.oh my, you look SO well rested!”

    • They were fabulous thanks … but unlike your colleagues, I think mine are going to say I look exhausted lol

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