Making an entrance in Nottingham city centre

The entrance to the Nottingham Post offices and reflections.

Man had an appointment in the city centre yesterday lunchtime so I wandered off with my camera to try and get some shots.

My initial thought was that I would try and get some images for a project I am working on called Work, but it’s strange sometimes how things don’t turn out as you plan.

I wandered around some back streets and I popped into Nottingham Contemporary, where the foyer was open but all the exhibitions inconveniently closed while they were changed.

I saw some amazing people and I really wanted to ask them if I could take their photo – but I wasn’t brave enough. I have really got to work on this.

Because of my reticence you have missed out this morning on a photo of a middle-aged rastafarian who was strolling round the city centre with a huge boombox on a trolley and who was wearing a Mexican sombrero!

When we got home and I checked the shots I had, there were a fair few of doors. For some unknown reason, I have always been partial to the odd door shot.

So this little mini series is called Making an Entrance.

  1. lucywilliamspoetry said:

    Welcome to Nottingham!! (again) My home town!

  2. Great pics – I love doors – and windows too… well – what are the biscuits???????

    • Lotus caramalised biscuits :) also great to scrunch up and put in homemade ice cream (which we did last night …along with a drop of Baileys:) )

      • Ah, thank you, some newfangled modern thing that the likes of me has never stumbled across!!!!

  3. Your door theme made me think of the old Victorian short story…the Green Door…not certain who wrote it..but H G Wells comes to mind….about a rich man who as a child went through a green door and found an amazing heaven like place, a connection with his late mother….but as an older man ignores the door until one fateful night……

  4. …my error…( googled the story)…The story is by H G Wells but the title should be …The Door In The Wall …(I was correct about it being green…)

    • That sounds interesting… I’ve downloaded it so I can read it myself :)

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