I went in search of Heathcliff and found Humpty Dumpty

Just look at that light. This is Heathcliff country.

This is Haworth Village, home of the Bronte family and we spent a lovely afternoon wandering up and down the hills and moors yesterday – and it ticked the exercise box good and proper with all those hills, good grief were we puffing!

What a beautiful place. You know, I’ve never read Wuthering Heights (that’s not a good admission is it) I think I ought to add some unread classics into my reading list, I’m lacking in the literary department.

Haworth has a steam railway … I want to go, I want to go :) I took gorgeous daughter number one on a steam train when she was very little but I haven’t been on one since. I think it might make some good photos.

Now I might not have found Heathcliff (other than the fact I had Man with me of course) but I did find a couple of childhood favourites yesterday at the National Media Museum in Bradford.

What a fabulous place. It’s right in the middle of Bradford City Centre, near the Centenary Square and a gallery that was sadly closed on Monday. All are free. Free is good.

It’s got nine floors – eight of exhibitions and a conference area at the top. There is photography, television, gaming, animation. It was great fun.

I found a dalek, the Wombles, Morph, and Humpty Dumpty and the PlaySchool crew. Although, there was an imposter in there. I don’t know who the doll on the left of that picture is but it certainly isn’s Hamble! Hamble has been replaced.

Gordon the Gopher was there though, as was television sets from through the ages, proper table game consoles for Frogger, Pac Man and Space Invaders, and a history of photography exhibition.

There were also a couple of great interactive internet exhibitions where Man and I attempted to bring the network down.

And, we are now both part of a couple of art projects. We feature on Flickr as two images in their ‘People in the Gallery’ and we joined in the readaloud,info project. We were videoed reading a line each from Jane Eyre – the fourth book to be read aloud by random people for the project. I read line 855 and Man is reading line 856. The installation is part of the Life Online project a the National Media Museum.

You know, even when you are having a cup of coffee, you can admire exhibits. On the wall of the cafe are amazing photographs from their archives with a cafe, or cup of tea, theme. And an animation project was projected onto the wall of the cafe as we supped our coffees.

And they have tv archives going back to the 50s. You can select a television programme from the librarian and go into a booth and watch it.

It’s such fun.

But best of all I came face to face with my favourite aliens. The Smash adverts were among the most popular adverts of all time in a poll. I can remember as a kid crying with laughter as the aliens took the mickey out of humans who peeled and boiled their own potatoes “and they smashed them all to bits”.

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  1. Over a quarter century ago, I lived three years in West Yorkshire and visited the National Media Museum (different name then) regularly but since moving “down south” to Nottinghamshire, I’ve never been. I read recently that visitor numbers are down to half what they used to be and that there is a question mark over some staff jobs. I really should visit again.

    • That’s a real shame, I thought the place was great fun. It took us about an hour and 20 minutes from Nottingham itself, but that included roadworks along the entire M62. It was closer than I thought. Coming from Hampshire, I struggle with the concept of Nottinghamshire being south :)

  2. I could just feel the coldness and the bleakness of Haworth in your pic Brrrr
    Jane Eyre is an easier read than Wuthering Heights – which I’ve always hated, even though I’ve read it several times…
    I’d give it a miss, Dory!!!!!.

    • I’ve read Jane Eyre, and another one called Villette I think, many moons ago but Wuthering Heights sort of slipped through the net somehow – sounds like it should stay that way lol.

  3. i am just down the road in Huddersfield but likewise it is years since I went to the National Media museum I really should take a trip over now my little boy is getting bigger I think part of the problem was at one point they hiked the prices up and people stopped going now many do not realise it is free again. As for wuthering heights I only read it for the first time a couple of years ago I think being told at school it was a classic love story put me off, if they had told me the truth it was a dark twisted story of obssession, lust, ghosts, and insanity I would have read it years ago

    • Yep, you’ve sold it to me. If you don’t want to use the cinema, the rest of the museum is free … and there’s still lots of interactive stuff you cna dyour son can enjoy :)

  4. What great places you go to on your jaunts! Great to see the locale of Wuthering heights too…I’m a fan of anything Bronte. Hope you had a great birthday!
    ( regarding trying to stop smoking…an idea to consider…every time you smoke set aside money in a jar (I would say a dollar value so you need to change that to your currency!) to give to a charity…then really give the money away…it is like paying again for your smokes….this technique works with eating too many desserts (paying for your treats over and over again)…tell people in your circle about it if you decide to do it and they will remind you of your goal….we need reminders even though they are annoying….)…especially tell your Mom!

    • Thank you :) and, as usual, some good advice there :)

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