Three years left

“Today is my birthday and all that I want

“Is to dig through this big box of pictures in my kitchen till the daylight’s gone.”

Actually, that’s not entirely true. It is my birthday, but the rest of it is just a couple of lines from a Sugarland song called The very last Country song – I’m a closet country and western fan :)

But let’s catch up with yesterday first … and we did actually stir ourselves to get out and take a walk. We went to Bullwell Hall Park, somewhere I haven’t been before, and while Man busied himself trying to take photos of an elusive pheasant, I looked at the wider countryside and the colours. They were beautiful.


And I really loved the colours of the sunlight coming through the trees when you are in woodland.

Today we are heading to Bradford to visit the National Media Museum. This is number 43 on the Fifty before Fifty challenge list and it will be the first one of the list to be completed :)

Actually, it will be the second because for my birthday Man has bought me a year’s membership to the Royal Photographic Society – and that is number 4 on the list. What an amazing present.

He also thought he’d try and cheat at the one item on the list he thinks he is not going to enjoy.

Number 50 is knit Man a jumper and make him wear it.

So Man bought me this.

He reckons if I knit myself my perfect boyfriend and he’s already wearing a jumper, that means I have no need to knit a Man jumper and make him wear it! Nice try sweetheart but it’s my list and I make the rules :)

Man also bought me this … now how much fun does this look?

In a previous post and my desire to one day own a tortoise, I described visiting the home of an aged great aunt and how she had let me completely ruin a valuable mint-condition 70 year old book by pressing out all the characters for a theatre and playing with them.

Well this is the modern-day version. It’s got scenery and push out characters and street furniture and cars, planes and helicopters and you film it on your mobile phone. What fun. I think it is lovely that he remembered something like that :)

And this year I get two birthdays … I get another one when I get home next week from the girls. How lucky am I?






  1. You can’t blame a Man for trying… Happy birthday Sweetheart.I love you with everything i’ve become since meeting you. And that’s a better Man. xxx

    • I love you too … but you still have to wear the jumper :) xx

  2. Happy birthday have a great day and a great second birthday aswell xxxx

  3. nikkix2 said:

    Have a super awesome Birthday Dory!!!
    Poor “Man” he can’t catch a break can he,,,oh well,,,If he loves you he will wear the jumper and model it for us all on your blog ;)

    • Haha, I think he might wear it once, while I take a photo and that’s it … thanks Nikki :)

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