Virginia or Victoria?

Autumn sunshine.

We continued our fungi foraging yesterday.

After posting a link to my blog on my Facebook page, a couple of school friends suggested places I may be able to discover fairy mushrooms.

“So are we going to Victoria Woods?” said Man.

“No, sweetheart, we are going to Virginia Waters,” I grinned, “But you were close.”

Virginia Waters is a man made garden, lake and forest on Crown Land, part of Windsor Great Park. It’s lovely.

Some of it is manicured, some of it is woodland. There’s a totem pole from British Columbia, follies, waterfalls … but we were looking for fungi.

We might not have found story book red ones with white spots but we found lots of others. And I’m not giving up yet. A fellow blogger suggested it might be the wrong time of year so I think I might Google it and see what we come up with.

Anyway, here’s a selection. When I get up to Nottingham I shall buy myself an identification book and see what I can find out about fungi. Cos (probably sadly) I have decided I quite like them. I certainly like photographing them.

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  1. Hi Dory, you’ve taken some nice photos here.

    With regard to “fairy mushrooms”, I think fly agaric are the ones you are looking for and they can definitely be found at this time of year (and perhaps in the spring as well as was suggested). The best photo I have taken of one was last year on 11 November so don’t despair, there is still plenty of time.

    • Thanks James, I will keep hunting then … and, actually, I am having lots of fun and making lots of other discoveries while I keep searching

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