Revisiting Simon

Took Man to see Simon yesterday – Simon’s Wood that is.

I have finally found out who Simon is. Ten days ago, when I first visited Simon’s Wood, I googled and googled trying to discover who Simon was, all to no avail.

Yesterday, I just read the noticeboard in the car park and it told me. Simon, apparently, was Christopher Simon who, in 1961, was the person who first bequeathed a parcel of land to the National Trust to turn into the area of public woodland.

Now I know. I like to know these things, it was irritating me that I couldn’t find out.

I wanted to take pictures of the fungi. What I really want to find is a bright red toadstool with white spots, the sort of toadstool Enid Blyton used to write about, where elves and fairies reside. I couldn’t find any.

Maybe it’s the wrong season. I really don’t know very much about fungi.

I did find quite a few different types. I really, really need a fungi identification book (never thought I’d hear myself say that sentence), especially if I want to submit photos to one of the stock photo agencies. I need to be able to tag the photos properly and I can’t do that if I don’t know what they are.

I also need some sort of lightweight, portable, waterproof thing for the purposes of lying on the wet, muddy ground to take low shots of shrooms without getting filthy.

This was my favourite fungi shot of the day. I like the backlighting.

I have submitted (finally) another batch of photos to the stock photo agency for consideration. I checked this morning but there has been no decision on them yet.

If I can get a couple more accepted than last time I will feel I have made progress.

Pud’s birthday went  well, she liked her prezzies and had a good day. I made turkey fajitas for six, a family favourite.

Actually I have taken the opportunity as I have time off work to do a fair bit of cooking. Yesterday Man and I had homemade spicy ham and vegetable soup (basically I bunged in anything that looked like it wasn’t going to last much longer, couple of carrots, celery, onions and lettuce, with a job lot of ham I got cheap at the weekend) and homemade bread.

The soup had quite a kick, I’d added fennel and coriander as well as two dried chillis that I forgot to take out before I blitzed it -oops. It was pretty spicy :)

I remember talking to the chef Antonio Carluccio once at the opening of one of his restaurants and him telling me about a childhood spent foraging for mushrooms and cooking with them. Definitely not enough fungi identification skills for me to do that, which is a shame really because I think it might be fun to cook with stuff I have foraged.

More learning is needed.

Today we may well create a homemade lightbox for still life photographic purposes … but only if it’s raining, that seems to be a rainy day project to me :)

  1. I tend to find the red ones in spring by me so maybe a trip back around april?

    • Thanks Paula … I shall see what else I can find in the meantime :)

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