The gorgeous ones

Gorgeous daughters one and two

It’s gorgeous daughter number two’s birthday today. She’s 20. That means I don’t have children anymore, I have adults.

This is a photo of the two gorgeous ones taken at the weekend by GD1s boyfriend John at a festival in Brighton.

In many ways Kerry, the eldest, and Becca (aka Pud), the youngest, are very similar. In others they are very different.

They share a lot of attributes … they work hard, they play hard, they laugh lots, they take the mickey out of everyone, including each other, and expect people to do the same to them, they’re unbelievably entertaining, especially when they perform as a double act, and they are each other’s favourite person. They are extremely close and I am forever amazed and delighted by their relationship with each other.

They didn’t have the easiest, most uncomplicated childhood but I am very proud of the people they have become and their experiences have made them strong.

About four years ago – so Kerry would have been 18 and Becca 16 – we were approaching Becca’s prom. I had plans to make her prom dress, money was tight at the time, so we trundled along to this prom dress shop to try on some styles, with the thought that I would then find a pattern in the same style and replicate what she chose.

She tried on a couple of dresses and then found what she was looking for. It was bright green, fitted like a glove and looked absolutely stunning. It was about £400 I think and she wanted it.

But she didn’t ask for it because she knew I couldn’t afford it. She didn’t bat an eyelid, she just took it off and we went home.

We all knew, however, that she desperately wanted this dress and she looked beautiful in it. We wanted her to have it as well. But I was in extremely difficult financial circumstances at the time and I just couldn’t afford it.

When we got home Kerry disappeared upstairs. She came down and asked me if I could afford half of the dress if we could spread the payments out a bit. I said I probably could.

Before I knew it, she had contacted the dress shop and arranged a payment plan. She paid half and I paid half over a couple of months. And as I remember, this 18 year old also paid for her little sister’s prom shoes, the deposit for the car and other stuff, just so her sister could have the best Prom night she could have.

When we watched Becca go to her prom, Kerry was just as proud of Becca as I was … and I was incredibly proud of her.

They might not have had the most conventional upbringing, but you would be hard pushed to find sisters with a stronger relationship.



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