homemade ice cream and a walk in the woods

Invited my parents around for lunch yesterday to say thanks for helping with that moving house thing we did a couple of weeks ago.

I made Mediterranean Shepherd’s Pie (which was almost as good as Man’s), tarte au citron and then the most amazing (yes, I know that’s not very modest) ice cream.

Good old Nigella Lawson, I was watching her on Saturday morning and she had this recipe for ice cream that is just so simple. Double cream and a tin of condensed milk, whip it to a frenzy and bung it in the freezer,

She put coffee and coffee liquer in hers. I happen to think that alcohol in ice cream is bad and wrong so I opted for the juice of a lemon and some crushed up caramel biscuit (you know the type you get with coffee in a cafe). The result was lemon cheesecake flavoured ice cream. Simple but amazing.

Everyone seemed to enjoy lunch, which is always a bonus.

Mum brought round several patchwork and quilting books (she’s been reading my fifty before fifty challenges) and a load of wool and a pattern so I can start making Man’s jumper :)

After they left we went for a walk in the woods. A place called Ambarrow Court. It was an old mansion, demolished in the 1970s, the grounds of which are now a little country park.

To be honest, the daylight was fading and it wasn’t hugely interesting but we did find some fungi and  lots of trees. Man and I are now competing for shots. If he spots something photographically interesting I’m not allowed to take a picture of it. I really have created a monster lol.

He definitely got the best fungi shots of the day but I was quite intrigued by this.

The tardis effect.

I call it the tardis effect :)

I focused on the knot of the tree and as I clicked the shutter, I pulled the zoom right out. I tried about 20 shots, there were about three I was happy with and this one is the best of them. I quite like it as an effect.

But the shots of the day were taken at Horseshoe Lake as we made our way home.

We stopped to see what the light was like on the lake. This was the result.



  1. LOvely shots – how was the tarte au citron – one of my favorites?

    • Thank you :) I love tarte au citron too and it was lovely thanks :)

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