Two weeks of freedom :)

The escape tunnel :)

I’m free … for a whole fortnight YAY.

Two weeks off work and I am so looking forward to it.

We don’t have an awful lot planned, just relaxing, writing, taking photographs, me and Man spending time together, two birthdays – gorgeous daughter number 2 and me.

I picked Man up from the station yesterday afternoon and we will be spending this week down south and then next Friday we will be heading back to Nottingham to spend the second week mooching around there.

We have invited my mum and dad round for dinner tomorrow to thank them for their efforts over moving weekend.

Gorgeous daughters one and two (and one boyfriend) have gone to a festival in Brighton this weekend, so we have the house to ourselves for 36 hours (apart from the angry cats obviously).

So we got up late, and are just chilling at the moment.

I’m trying to recover from the letter I received from our old letting agents yesterday (more on that when I’ve gathered my thoughts – and toned down the language I would like to use to describe the agents!)

So I need to go birthday shopping for Pud, return  non-fitting curtains and get out with my camera.

Lots of things to do :)

(ps – finished reading the first book in  my fifty before fifty challenge – only 71 books to go)


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