A little office mystery

Look at this photograph.

It looks like an office chair doesn’t it?

In fact, as it is in my office, behind my desk, it is not a great leap of faith to deduce that it is my office chair.

But, dear reader, here’s the thing … it isn’t.

It is an impostor and I have absolutely no idea how and when it got there.

You see my office chair was nicely broken.

As I am pretty short and mostly can’t reach the floor when I am the right height to use my desk, I have over many years developed the habit of sitting in a half lotus position (yoga) on my chair. I have both knees bent with my right foot tucked under my left thigh and my left foot on top of my right thigh.

This means that I wear away the material on the left front corner of my chair with my shoe and the foam crumbles all over the floor. And that is exactly what my office chair was like the last time I paid any attention (which I am pretty sure was only a day or so ago).

Midway through our busy press day yesterday, however, I suddenly noticed I was sitting on this.

This is quite obviously a new chair, which is all very lovely but mystery surrounds how it got into my office and where my old faithful seat has gone.

You see no one saw it arrive and there are 20 odd people sitting in the production department outside my office – and by that I mean there are around 20 people or more, not that the 20 people are odd (although some of them are lol) – you’d think someone would have noticed.

And I tend to be at my desk anytime between 5.30am and 7am in the mornings and leave between 6.30pm and 7.30pm in the evenings so unless the phantom chair switcher operates at night, you would think I would have run into them.

I asked every one and no-one knows how this has happened (although I have now reinforced their belief that I am slightly mad).

I even ran into the office manager and health and safety manager in reception and publicly accused them of the chair swapping deed, a crime they both deny strenuously.

As I regularly ignore emails from them with titles such as “workspace efficiency and awareness survey – please complete”, I honestly believed they were the culprits but their denials seemed genuine enough.

The only other alternative is that my office has rejuvenating properties and my old battered chair has become as new.

In which case, I should maybe sit in my office a bit longer and perhaps one day I shall walk out with the grey hair gone, baby smooth skin, 20:20 vision and four stone lighter :)

  1. Viv said:

    If such work is occurring at news towers, I need more freelance work :-)

  2. Maybe it has something to do with the accumulated magic of the half lotus position……if you can sit like that ….and work….you must be on to something rejuvenating!

  3. I like the rejuvenation idea, what a nice thought that would be! Okay Dory I enjoyed my visit and I feel caught up now, take care of you and yours and keep writing and (well I won’t say taking more photographs because well I know you’ll do that!) so keep working on your list my friend, with much affection, Penny

    • Nice to see you Penny :) I hope Christina is on the mend. I, too, need to catch up with everyone’s blogs, it has been so busy recently and I have fallen behind. Thanks for stopping by my friend, I am always glad to see you. <uch love :)

      • Life does intrude doesn’t it, lol.Glad to see all of you settling into your new home Dory, take care of you my friend, warm wishes and affection back to you, Penny :)

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