A lot to pack in

Pirbright on my way home from work yesterday.

You know I’m quite excited at my fifty before fifty challenge :) I wonder how many I shall actually achieve.

Man said he was going to scupper my attempts by a) refusing to wear the jumper I make him; b) refusing to live with me and c) refusing to marry me within three years. I pointed out that the list said ‘get married’, it doesn’t specify to whom lol … and, let’s face it, after he’s seen the jumper, he might not want to!

Some are definitely easily achievable. Things like the castles and the churches though, that’s a lot of visiting in three years. I checked the Churches Conservation Trust website yesterday and there are 341. So far I think I’ve seen three. So, roughly, I need to visit approximately 10 per month. Hmmmm.

For the castles in England, I intend to use this list Castles in England. It lists 170. I am also going to exclude the ones I have already visited.

And I better think about what I’m going to plant in the garden to grow and then make a meal out of. Maybe I could cheat and get some chicks, rear them, gather eggs and make an omelette – but I don’t think the new neighbours would be too pleased.

I worked yesterday on my day off. It wasn’t too bad but I didn’t quite achieve what I wanted to with the new publication we are bringing out this week. But we are ahead on other stuff so maybe it will even itself out.

One the way home I stopped in Pirbright to take a few shots. It’s a lovely little village with a huge village green and a pond.

The village hall

I like the way the sun bounces off the clock on the village hall in this one.

And I don’t know what this is but I like the colours of this one too.

I’m getting a cold. I feel the beginnings of a sore throat and cough coming on. This is not good timing for my two week’s off and I am the world’s worst patient … cross, grumpy and miserable. Poor Man lol.


  1. It’s rosebay willowherb, which I’ve also heard called fireweed.

  2. Rosebay willow sprang up on all the bombsites in London, I’ve never been able to stand it since then, poor thing!
    For a sore throat – you must be very depleted after your hectic move – you need three Vitamin B complex twice a day with food for a week, Dory… I studied what’s called nutritional medicine – doctors don’t have any idea… rest helps too!!!!

    • That’s where I’ve seen it before, on heaps of rubble. Thanks for the cold tips, I’ll give it a go :)

  3. nikkix2 said:

    Get better,,and if that’s a weed,,,it’s beautiful!

    • Thanks Nikki, I thought it was pretty too :)

  4. Rachael said:

    Rosebay willow herb it is. I find the seedheads irresistibly photogenic. Hope you kick that cold into touch! I am intrigued by this 50 before 50 thing, especially as we are exactly the same age! Will investigate.

    • I thought it was pretty too … I think I shall have fun with my 50 before 50 challenge, although I have set myself a steep mountain to climb :)

  5. Your big to do list is going to be fun in the process! You must be a dynamo personality! I am so laid back and take life as it comes….except when I do amateur theatre(ALTER EGO!)…I journal daily to try to get over procrastination and get things done…it works well for me as I am more of a dreamer now that I am retired. I will be 59 next month so maybe I will come up with a list for….what to do before I’m 90. (onion soup or better yet raw onion sandwich for your cold…lots of apple juice)

    • I don’t know about a dynamo, just very slightly mad :) Oh I’m sure you can pack more than 50 in before you’re 90 lol. Thanks for the cold tip, I shall give it a go :)

  6. Some great photo’s again Dory. You are in your element here!.

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