Pottering around :)

Very patriotic.

I’m having a pottering weekend.

I trudged off to Tesco yesterday to buy some cheap curtains. Tesco doesn’t sell curtains (doh) so instead I purchased these. Now I know they are not going to block the outside world from looking in my window, but they’re cute, I like them and they were the bargainous price of £1 each :).

I’m turning into a gardener!

I dropped the landlord’s mail into the letting agents (my good deed for the day) then I went to Homebase where, as well as a spade for future snow removal on my treacherous steps, I purchased this little lot. Note the gardening gloves are kids ones, I have very small stubby hands – I’d never have made a painist.

And then I chopped back the triffids around the back gate that are growing through from one neighbour’s fence and the honeysuckle (I think) growing through around the patio door from the other neighbour’s garden. I think I destroyed an entire eco system.

I planted a little patio rose that I’d picked up for just £1.49 and about 100 bulbs! I am getting green fingered :) And all the time I took photos recording the efforts.

Daffodil bulbs.

Some of them, like this one, are generic enough to submit to the stock photo agency (you see, I am getting back on track).

I also put my bird feeder up, but the only place I could find to put it was a nail by the back gate. I did see a freestanding bird feeder pole in Homebase but funds are a little short this month, with the move and gorgeous daughter number two’s birthday in ten days, so I resisted for the time being.

I emptied all my bin bags and boxes of clothes onto my bed so I couldn’t get in it until I had put them away and then I went off on a second attempt to purchase curtains.

I went into our nearest main town, Camberley. Now there is a reason I don’t do this very often:

  • The roads into town are congested and full of idiots;
  • The car parks are horrendous;
  • There are way too many people milling about, not looking where they are going and walking into me;
  • Screaming children have invented names like Shaniqua and;
  • Their mothers appear to be orange oompa loompas with bleached blonde or dyed black hair who swear at them loudly while they scream on the floor.

And nothing had changed, it was exactly as I expected. I really don’t enjoy shopping.


My little patio rose.

I found some curtains, there was limited choice. I had to get ones with rings set in because of the style of curtain pole. I bought some for the lounge, for the dining room and for my bedroom.

I got them home and they didn’t fit the curtain pole! So now gorgeous daughter number two has a pair in her room, the one’s for my room fitted, and I am going to have to brave the horror that is Camberley town centre to return the other ones. I might leave that for a day or two.

I did remember to unbury my bed and put all the clothes away and, with the assistance of gorgeous daughter number one’s boyfriend, we put all our Banksy pictures on the walls of the lounge and dining room.

So now our new house looks a little more like home.

  1. i like those tins are they from tesco aswell?

  2. nikkix2 said:

    Lovely tins, and is it me,,or do all you British like curtains?? We are mostly still into blinds here!
    Oh and did I tell you how much I love your new little backyard,so charming!

    • I love it too :) I think curtains are a British thing … I just wish I could find some to fit!

  3. Shopping is overrated isn’t it…I can now go during the week in low traffic times as I’m retired …your garden will be such fun to watch this spring as the bulbs bloom. I have lots planted from previous years but I hope to do more…especially daffodils in memory of my mom who loved the poem about daffodils (Wordsworth? Longfellow?…too early in the day for recall skills..!) and the sweeping scene of daffodils in Dr Zhivago….

    • Wordsworth :) I love spring flowers. It’s a tiny little garden but it’s so secluded and I am only learning to be a gardener :)

  4. Dory, don’t you like lovely sweet smelling honeysuckle? I managed to grow some from a cutting and now have it clambering up the garage wall, so I smell it as I go in the door….
    Camberley eh? takes me back to balls at Sandhurst in the days of my youth!!!

    • I spent my formative years living in Sandhurst. The town, not the military academy though :)

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