I gave in

My new tiny little back garden.

Ok I gave in.

I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of Marv and Fuzz ripping each other limb from limb and decided their stir-craziness had gone on long enough.

So this morning, while I had my coffee in the back garden, I let them out.

After all of five minutes tentatively sniffing the air, they both disappeared into next door’s garden. Oooops, I really hope the new neighbours like cats.

They were out for about 20 minutes I suppose, sniffing around. Then they got bored and came back inside.

Need to cut these overgrown triffids back.

Now as you can see, my back garden is tiny. Tiny enough for me to cope with? Well that remains to be seen, but in a fit of enthusiasm, I have gone out and purchased some spring bulbs which I intend to plant this weekend.

There only appears to be two plants currently in situe for me to kill, but there are triffids growing through the wall either side and around the gate that need cutting back this weekend.

But it’s sheltered and quiet and I love it :)

The front garden is longer and on quite a big slope. There is a concrete path with five long, slow steps and then three steep steps to the front door. I’m thinking it’s going to be treacherous in snow or ice so I plan to go buy a shovel and some grit/salt now in preparation. I shall do that this weekend too.

Day of the Triffids.

I am slightly concerned about the wall around the back garden because it has been built inside the next door neighbours’ fence and there is a gap between the two.

No we all know the beast that is Marv is not the most intelligent of creatures and I have visions of him getting stuck in this gap and us having to call the fire brigade to extract him. Well, it would make for some good photos :)

Man is not here this weekend, so I have the entire weekend to fill up on my own. I still have a few boxes to put in the loft and I would like to put the pictures on the wall downstairs, fix the net curtain rail that Marv keeps bringing down in his fit of pique at not being let out and find some curtains for the lounge, dining room and my bedroom.

I also need to unpack my clothes (I only sorted work clothes out) and there are a few other bits and pieces to unpack too.

But at the moment, I have coffee and I have a packet of ginger nuts – the two components of a lazy Saturday morning :)



  1. Sounds nice – I’m a ginger nut fan, you can’t eat too many too quickly!

  2. Thinkn your triffid may very well be honeysuckle so although now is the time to chop it back you might want to think about where you would like it to climb next year

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