Making a bid for freedom

Angry kitten

Marv is angry.

He can see the outside,  he can see us going outside but we won’t let him go outside.

And he is getting a little frustrated.

On Monday he made a bid for freedom. He snuck past gorgeous daughter number two and into the garden. But as he is such a big, slow lump of a cat, he was easily retrieved.

So now he is showing his anger in other ways.

He brings down the net curtain on the lounge window with alarming regularity, he charges up and down stairs like a cat possessed and, if all else fails, he  attacks Fuzzy.

Fuzz in a place of safety.

You see normally if he charges about like a mad thing, someone would get fed up with him and stick him outside.

And, if that doesn’t happen, it was an absolute certainty that attacking Fuzz would get him evicted. Not this week.

So now Fuzz is getting it in the neck (quite literally sometimes) because Marv wants to go outside.

I’ve had to move my flowers from the windowsill because he keeps bringing the net curtain rail down on top of them but nothing he does has got him thrown into the great outdoors yet.

Advice from pet owners and internet said you ought to keep cats indoors for two weeks when you move home.

I’m not sure I will have much of a house left if I do that. But this week I have been going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark so there hasn’t really been time to let them venture outside. Maybe tomorrow Marvellous Marv.

Consequently, I am currently in possession of one beaten up kitten and one very angry kitten.

  1. nikkix2 said:

    Awww poor kitty,,,how could you be mad at the little face? I miss my tinker bell I guess I will pay a visit to her today at ex’s. As well grace my kiddo’s with my presence,,lol :)
    Have a awesome full weekend at your new place Dory!

  2. oh, I know that” keyboard look at me darn it” look! if he gets out and about too long just put his dinner on the porch or step so he knows he’s still welcome,

  3. I’m sorry Dory, not fun. The good news by the time I’m writing this, they are going outside again! :)

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