Let’s get back on track

Yateley Pond.

The last month or so all my time (or the vast majority of it) has been taken up with work and moving. Now it is time to get back on track.

I am being hassled by a couple of the stock photo agencies to submit some more pictures. I still haven’t had success with the first one I tried for because they want ten acceptable photos all in one batch. So that should be my next challenge.

I also have not submitted anymore hubpages and I really have to do this too because there is a remote possibility that both of these things could make me some money and get the pot of cash Man and I need going up again.

Did I say we took the money to buy the new camera out of the Pot? Well we did and so far we have only replaced one third of it. So the pot (and bear in mind here we are aiming for £50,000) currently stands at £200. Much more effort is needed here.

And the writing needs to be developed further too. When I was clearing through the stuff at the old place I found some children’s poems that I’d written a good few years ago. I have to say I still enjoyed them, which gave me a bit of hope. I could try some more of them.

I have a little over three years, according to my self-imposed deadline.

It would be nice if we could stay in this house for that long, or at least until Man and I are ready to get a home of our own together.

As the evenings are drawing in now, and I won’t get as many opportunities to go out and take photos in the evenings and mornings, it must be writing season :)

Some short stories? Some poetry for kids? (I think my humour leans in that direction) or maybe even start that novel I have been threatening for decades?

New car, new home, new start. Time to get back on track again and work towards our goals.

The clock is ticking.



  1. Beautiful – I wondered at first if it was Virginia water or Waggoners Wells, but there are so many beautiful places

    • Thank you Valerie :) it’s our little pond on our village green

  2. nikkix2 said:

    I need to get my butt in gear too,,and get back to posting on my blog. (kicking my butt!!)

    • Yes woman. Get to it :) I miss reading your blog :)

  3. Write, Dory, you’re good! write! There’s talent here, write! According to marketing experts (my background, not the expert part the marketing part) If you repeat the message 3 times, a person is more apt to pay attention (in a advertisement anyway) so I thought I’d try it out on you here! :)

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