We’re home

We are home.

Well the alter-egos of Man and I have been planted in the garden and so we are now officially home.

Yesterday, in the driving rain, Man and I emptied out the shed of the old house. Two car loads to the new garage and more books to the charity book bank, which, incidentally, over the course of the weekend we have single-handedly completely filled up – oops.

We then headed into town to buy a few bits and pieces – a yard broom, doormats for the front and back of the house, a proper floor mop, some boxes for the piles of paperwork, a cutlery tray. To be honest it wasn’t the most exciting shopping trip I’ve ever had.

And I got some lovely housewarming flowers from Man,

We put all the empty boxes up in the loft out of sight (ready for next time, although I really hope that’s not any time soon).

We still have a bit to do, but mostly we are moved, we are home, we are just not completely unpacked.

Marv the fat cat got stuffed through the cat flap by the girls. I think it is going to take him a while to understand the concept (he’s a very stupid kitten). And he seems to have found a new hobby. Here he is with gorgeous daughter number two’s camera.

Click click :) I’m sure Marv would be a more skillful photographer than some.

Man goes home today and I feel that I’ve used him all weekend to shift stuff and there hasn’t been time for much rest and relaxation.

But Man is coming down again a week on Friday and then we have two weeks off together. The first week we will spend down here, going out, having fun etc etc, and the second week we will spend at his end.

Last night I took the words of wisdom of a blogger friend. I cooked a huge roast for the three of us girls and our partners and Man and I bought a bottle of fizz. We put a silver coin in the cork and that is now going to live in the cutlery drawer for the duration we live in this house. James says his has been there 26 years, I wonder how long ours will be there.

Sat having coffee in my garden this morning and the light on the trees behind the garden was lovely. I hope to attract some garden birds with some bird feeders. I think I shall probably miss Stanley, but other than that, I think I’m going to like my new home :)


  1. It looks great, cat,. flowers, books, trees – lovely – happy days

  2. nikkix2 said:

    I was going to say the exact thing as Valerie (great minds think alike eh?). The flowers are beautiful,,I wish a had a “man”.
    Sigh,,,I will keep searching,,and wait for the right one :)
    Glad you are happy,,maybe Stanley will find you next spring!

    • Thanks Nikki, I’m sure there’s a Man out there for you somewhere :)

  3. Finally, some bubbly, some relaxation and rest for everyone! Very happy for you! The flowers are gorgeous, hes’ so sweet to you!

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