Almost there!

A card from Man.

After the busy day shifting everything on Saturday, Man and I got down to the nitty gritty of cleaning the old place yesterday.

I’d hired an industrial carpet cleaner and man rejuvenated all the carpets with it. I blitzed the empty kitchen and attempted to reattach the bathroom light – I’m hoping it stays in place until after the check out tomorrow.

About the only thing we haven’t done is clean  the windows, but as it has been chucking it down  with rain and that looks set to continue, I’m really hoping no one will notice :)

Today we have to clean out the shed. There’s all my old camping equipment in there, several more boxes of books and some tools and garden equipment.

My parents will be doing the check out tomorrow with the letting agents.

These people don’t need any excuse not to give you your deposit back, it is legalised robbery.

But as far as I am concerned, the house is actually in better condition now than when we took it on two years ago (apart from the fact that I haven’t had the windows cleaned for a while).

In the new place, it’s almost looking like home. We are nearly unpacked and there aren’t too many boxes left to go.

Marvin has ventured out from his hiding place behind the tumble dryer (you could only see his big eyes). We do need curtains, there are  none. But as we are not overlooked in any direction, I’m in no great rush to get any :)

I’m just glad we are in.

  1. It’s been a tradition in my family (and many of my friends) to drink a bottle of fizz (doesn’t have to be champagne) to celebrate moving in to a new home. You then cut a slot in the cork, push in a silver coin (5p) and leave it in a drawer in the kitchen. It stays there for the whole time you stay in the house and is supposed to bring you luck. Now I’m not in the least bit superstitious but there’s a cork and coin in my cutlery drawer right now that’s been there for over 26 years!

    • James we took your advice and the three of us plus associated men enjoyed a nice meal and a bottle of fizz and there is now a cork and a silver coin in my cutlery draw too :)

      • I wish you happiness, comfort and contentment in your new home. May you sleep well at night and let your days be relaxing. Cheers.

        But don’t relax too much, we need you to get out taking your photos and writing about people and places in your quirky way.

      • James, thank you so much … and I can’t wait to get out with my camera again :)

  2. Well done, what fun you’ll have in your new house – you sound as though you make all your life fun. Happy days

    • Many thanks Valerie :) I’m sure we will have fun

  3. Get your cat a nice piece of brushed flannel or fleece from the remnant section of a drygoods store for his favourite sunny window as a house warming gift. I’m just full of advice.

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