We’ve moved!

Well yesterday was fun :)

It was all hands to the pump as we moved out of house number 1 and into house number 2, 500 yards round the corner.

Man and I started with yet another run to the dump first thing and finished the day with yet another run to the dump! Seriously, where do we get so much rubbish from?

Over the last few weeks I have taken four full car loads to the dump, nine big bin bags of clothes have gone to the clothing bank, three bin bags of books to the book bank as well as about ten bags of stuff to the charity shops.

So how did we have any stuff left to move? Bizarrely we had plenty of stuff to move! Man and I spent the day packing boxes and shifting them. Gorgeous daughters one and two and both their boyfriends were absolutely amazing. They commandeered a van and moved ALL the furniture. They even put my bed back together for me in my room.

My mum cleaned and my dad mowed the lawn and shifted boxes.

It took us all day and we were all exhausted at the end of it. But we’re in – YAY.

I bought everyone a big Indian takeaway and the Virgin man came and connected our tv and internet, woo hoo we have immediate broadband. It’s still chaos but it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

The only issue has been the cats. To start with they hid in anything they could find. As the furniture and number of boxes reduced, they got more skittish. When we finally took them to the new house, they hid underneath the pillows on GD1’s bed.

This morning, when I got up, I was making coffee in the kitchen (which, incidentally is absolutely beautiful, when I heard some scraping and Marvin appeared, covered in cobwebs, from his hiding place under the cooker :)

I hope they get used to it soon.



  1. Hope you keep the cats in for a few days so they don’t run away!

    • Yep, they are a bit disorientated at the moment. Marv has found a spot at the side of the tumble drier where he can hide. You can only see his eyes.

  2. LOVE the Marilyn! Congrats on the new place and enjoy the nice kitchen! It is astounding where all the junk comes from in everyone’s house…I’ve been working on that too…it is much better but this fall and winter I will continue to go through clothes etc. My books are almost done…got rid of four boxes in freecycle to the neighbours by just leaving a boxes on a little table by the walkway with a note…”Free Books”. It feels better to clear up space!

    • I loved the Marilyn photo too :) he was just so well placed, perfect fit :) What a great idea with the books. I still love my books but I have to be more ruthless about throwing stuff away/recycling/giving it to a charity shop.

  3. Sharon said:

    Best of luck in your new house and let’s hope you get to stay a little longer this time ! :-)

  4. Wow, totally exhausting but fulfilling day for all of you. By the way Dory, I’ll make this easy, just answer the most recent post I answer, you don’t have to answer each of these. I just felt the need to connect here. :)

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