Busy, busy, busy

My week is a cornucopia of bin bags and boxes … with a fair amount of work tossed in for good measure.

And that’s really it.

It’s not often I have nothing to say :)

Here’s a nice picture of the bridge at Knaresborough because I am pining for my road trips that I haven’t had a chance to do.

PS Goodbye Gertie the Golf today.

  1. You will miss Gertie but I hope the new car can pick up the trail of all your journeys quickly. My old flaming tomato red Oldsmobile got me over hill and dale for many years as I live out in a rural area but taught on the south side of our London, Ontario, Canada. It only broke down about a dozen times. Even so, I cleaned it all up before trading it in on my nice new suede white Ford that only has to serve me well in my retirement. I missed the red car too.

    • You’re right :) and I’m looking forward to many road trips in the new car :)

  2. Good Luck with the move Dory! Great Photograph also! Sending lots of extra energy your way, Penny :)

    • Thank you, thank you and thank you :) I think I’m going to need the last bit lol

      • lol, it’s great that you guys found a place you like but between me and you, moving sucks! :)

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