Too little time

River Trent at dusk.

This is a picture of the River Trent at dusk that I took at Newark the weekend before last, Haven’t really had time to take any photos over the last few days and I am looking forward to a time when I can.

Two exceptionally busy days at work today and tomorrow, one slightly less busy day and then it’s moving weekend. Yay.

I will certainly be glad when it is all over.

My car had the paintwork touched up on it yesterday before I hand it back, and so did the one I’m getting in return.

The girls are almost done with clearing their rooms. I have yet to do mine, and we have only done about a third of the kitchen. But I still maintain we are getting there.

It has to be done by the weekend any way. That’s the deadline and, having been a journalist for the last 30 years, I work better to deadlines.

Good grief, it really has been 30 years! It’s about time I retired :)

  1. Catching up here Dora, I haven’t been here for awhile, so I need to catch up on things, Christina twisted her ankle several weeks ago so my work load doubled with the kids and animals etc. Had been wondering how the move went and all. So I’m visiting you for a bit now. Wow 30 years, yes it is time to retire, so you can become a full time writer/photographer! :)

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