A pretty successful day

Piles of stuff everywhere

I’m feeling quite virtuous this morning :)

Had a pretty busy but successful day yesterday.

The last of the lounge/dining room curtains was out on the line by 7.30am, with the next load of washing in.

I loaded up the car, packed to the rafters with rubbish and took it to the dump, then went to the Post Office to collect the parcel that had been too big to get through the letterbox.

Stopped at the hardware shop and bought some oven cleaner, picked up the contracts from the letting agent,stopped at the other Post Office and collected a change of address form and got home by 10am.

Then I put the oven cleaner in, took the curtains down in my room, put the washing out, replaced them with the curtains and was at my friend’s house by 11am to see her new baby.


Here she is. This is Hannah and four week old Elisa.

It was nice to catch up and both mother and daughter looked really well.

She’s a very contented baby.

Was back at my house by 1pm and I did then stop and have some lunch.

Called the tv/internet company and not only can they reconnect us at our new place on Saturday afternoon, they are also giving me a £10 per month discount for the first six months, so my bills will be cheaper.

And the gas and electric company reckon they owe me a couple of hundred pounds :). Called the new gas and electric company and set up bill payments for them, and called the water company and had that transferred.

Then I started to tackle my bedroom! Everything came out of the wardrobe and I took seven bags of clothes to the charity clothing bank – four of mine and three of Pud’s.

There is also a charity bin to donate books. I shall drop some of those off tomorrow. If I put them in the bin, rather than take them to the shop, no-one is going to ban me for donating too much stuff like they did last time.

Got the curtains out on the line then I cleaned and hoovered the inside of Gertie the Golf and then took her to the car wash.

Then I had a nice relaxing bath :)

The only thing I didn’t manage to fit in was mowing the garden, but I am sure we can do that at the weekend.

The house still looks like a bomb has hit it, but we are getting there now. We really only have the kitchen to finish off (and we are using lots of stuff at the moment) and the bedrooms.

We may be ready to move on Saturday after all!

Today I am going back to work for a rest.

  1. nikkix2 said:

    Wow,,your a machine! Have a nice relaxing day at work, lol.

    • Lol thanks, boy will I be glad when we have moved and it’s all done :)

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