Chaos reigns :)

I’m forever blowing bubbles.

Because chaos reigns in my house at the moment, I am posting a random photo of bubbles. I took it a couple of years ago at my old house. I like the way the light catches them and I am a huge fan of blowing bubbles.

When I first met Man, we went into Nottingham City Centre one day and I spotted a Harper’s Bazaar, which sells the very best bubble mixture I have found (other than the American ones we can’t get here).

I bought some and proceeded to walk through the shopping centre blowing bubbles, much to Man’s consternation. He’s not one for drawing attention to himself and, to be honest, neither am I, but sometimes I just sort of forget everyone else is around and I like bubbles.

It was a miserable grey day and I was grinning stupidly and watching the bubbles head over shops and trees and noticed that most people who were walking past us were smiling. So it cheered other people up as well as me :)

Anyway, as usual I digress.

My house looks like utter chaos. Any thoughts of it improving after yesterday’s efforts were completely unfounded.

I have, however, blitzed the bathroom and got about a third of the kitchen packed up; I have washed all four huge curtains in the lounge and dining room and packed several boxes. The dining room has now been transformed to the ‘ready to go’ area and is stacked with stuff.

Gorgeous daughter number one and her boyfriend cleared the loft and gorgeous daughter number 2 and her boyfriend packed up her bedroom.

Today’s little list of things to do is as follows:

Call the utilities companies, council, tv company etc and tell them we’re  moving;

Call the lettings agents;

Collect parcel from post office and pick up change of address forms for driving licences at a different post office;

Visit my friend and her new baby at 11am;

Load up the car with a load of rubbish and take it to the dump;

Get the curtains dried, ironed and re-hung;

Fix the curtain rail in my bedroom that has been broken since the day we moved in;

Pack up my bedroom and take unnecessary clothes to the clothing bank;

Clean my car out, hoover it, get it washed (because I’ve got to give it back this week);

Pack up my bedroom;

Mow front and back gardens;

And, if I get time, do some more kitchen packing/cleaning.

I think I’ll be glad to get back to work !

  1. And dont forget the joys of unpacking to look forward to at the other end lol good luck with the move I dont envy you we just moved teenage daughter out and it is amazing how much stuff comes out of just one room never mind the whole house

    • We’ve only been in the house two years, how did we accumulate so much rubbish lol

  2. Good luck, Dory. I’ve moved forty five times, and the one thing I found that slightly eased the pain at the other end was to put all boxes and small things in one room, so at least the rest of the house is unchaotic, and you can unpack at your leisure without falling over boxes….

    • Thanks Valerie … 45 times! I have no idea how you do it.

  3. nikkix2 said:

    I’m glad i’m not you right now!

  4. Love the bubbles glimmering in the sun! hang in will soon be in your new place and have the kettle on!

    • Thanks … I am holding on to that thought :)

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