The simple pleasures

New starburst filter ,,, quite effective, I thought

I think I’ve recovered from my upside down day yesterday :).

Pud and I started the packing and cleaning process and first of all we emptied out the alcohol cupboard lol.

We have a habit of buying alcohol and not drinking it. So we opened the cupboad and chucked loads of it down the sink. The glass recycling bin is now quite full :)

Recycling the empties :)

The house is looking worse. I’m sure it will get better today as the process continues.

Last night I went out to dinner with my two gorgeous daughters and their boyfriends … and my bill was picked up by gorgeous daughter number two and her boyfriend, as a thank you for taking them to and from the airport.

Interesting cloud formation last night.

On a day to day basis, the girls and I pass like ships in the night. We all have busy jobs, although they see quite a lot of each other as they work for the same very small software distribution company, we all have partners we spend time with and social lives to maintain, so we often go for days and days without really seeing each other very much.

But every time we take the time to spend a few hours together, it is lovely. We laugh, chat, discuss, break into random song (something that I think their boyfriends find quite disconcerting) and poke fun at each other and the boyfriends – something the boyfriends have just had to learn to get used to.

We finish each other’s sentences, know what the others are going to say, and yet can still be surprised by them sometimes.

It’s an easy, comfortable, wonderful relationship that is such fun and for which I am very grateful. It was a lovely evening and, although it might not happen again for months, it is very reassuring to know that next time, it will be just as enjoyable.

I’m very lucky.


  1. Viv said:

    Love it!x

  2. Hey Dory! next time put a little of the unused drink in a bread pudding to use it up… i use fruits like bananas, applesauce in such a pudding so an apple drink (saw the empty!) would work dandy or use it in the pudding sauce….

    • Wow, great idea … I’ll remember that one :)

  3. Aren’t family the best thing ever! :)

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