An upside down day

Beautiful work :)

My day is upside down. I am completely disorientated.

Had to pick gorgeous daughter number two (aka Pud) and her boyfriend up from the airport last night. Flight was due in at 1.25am – it arrived at 3.20am!

So I got up late (well 5.45am) yesterday and had a reasonable day at work. Came home and gorgeous daughter number one decided we ought to celebrate Pud’s return from Egypt by decorating her car.

Our handiwork is picture above. We were quite proud. I did the bonnet (can you see the P on it – that stands for Pud). It took us about an hour.

As we were being busily creative, this voice said :”I knew it would be you.” It was a friend of mine walking up the road. She said that even from a distance, when she saw the car being decorated, she immediately guessed it would be us :) Our reputation obviously precedes us!

I nodded off on the sofa for a couple of hours later in the evening and woke up again at 1am.

Got to Gatwick really easily but then met a jobsworth in a hat who wouldn’t let me stop in the pick up point, so I drove round in circles out of the airport and back again about four times until they had collected their bags and come out of the airport.

By the time I had driven back, dropped Boyf off and got Pud home, I finally got to bed at 5am. This is the time I usually get up :)

Now I am confused. it is 1pm and it feels like about 9am and I have got nothing done.

Plus side though, Pud laughed when she saw her car.

A great use of post-it notes :)


  1. Fantastic, love the car, way cool and what fun! Dory I love to visit you my friend!

    • It took three of us about an hour to do that … and four of us about the same time to remove it all :)

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