The weekend commeth :)

My little one-eyed ginger cat :)

Such a cute kitten :) This is my little one-eyed cat. Man took this photo last week, I love it.

You know I am really, really glad it is Friday. It has been such a busy week.

After several mornings of 4.15am alarms, I gave myself a lie-in this morning and didn’t get up until 5.45am (woo hoo, how decadent am I? lol).

One more day at work and then a weekend of packing and cleaning is on the cards. House and car, because Gertie my faithful VW Golf finally goes on Thursday next week. Sad day. I will miss her.

So I suppose the last of the many road trips Man and I have done in her was Newark on Sunday.

Newark Castle

I shall always remember Newark as Gertie’s last trip.

If I get a chance to go out with my camera this weekend, it is going to have to be local.

We move a week tomorrow. I really, really have to pack. Oh and call a long list of people like the gas, electric and water boards to let them know we are off.

But first, I really must go and do a day’s work. Hopefully at a slightly less frantic pace than Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday :)

  1. vjcousins said:

    Good luck with the move and in your new home. Lots of luck and love x

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