All work and no play …

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and Dory very grumpy :)

Got to work at 5.15am yesterday. Alarm went off way too early. I went in at that time to put together six  pages of advertising features before anyone else got in.

I was thwarted, however, by the fact that four of the pages did not have everything they needed so I started the day sending stroppy emails to people. And it carried on in that vein.

You know I am getting very intolerant in my old age :) By the end of the day yesterday, the top of my hit list was teeming with people I wanted to yell at. Please form an orderly queue.

Finally managed to get out of the office at 7.15pm. That’s too long a day.

Am back in early again tomorrow – can’t get permission to fill the current vacancies we have and I’ve got several people off on holiday – so we are pretty busy.

Consequently, when I do get home I’m too shattered to do anything.

No more packing has been done, no more writing has been completed, I still haven’t submitted my next batch of photos to the stock photo agency. I’m falling behind in my schedule.

Maybe once we’ve got the next couple of weeks out of the way and people are back from holiday and I’ve moved house, things will start to settle down a bit.

I hope so, I’m tired.

The photos are ones I took at the weekend when we were wandering around Attenborough Nature Reserve and Attenborough village.

Attenborough Nature Reserve was opened by David Attenborough, I thought that’s who it was named after. But, actually it sits right next to Attenborough Village so it’s just a coincidence about David.


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