Back home and more photos

Messing about on the river.

I like this. This is a place I would like to live, a little canal boat on the Trent. This one is Newark again.

While we were waiting for the sunset and then the reflections of the castle, we wandered around taking more photos.

These are some of my preferred shots.

I had a lovely weekend at Man’s. Stepson to be was at a friend’s house for the weekend and stepdaughter to be is, after the big row we had a couple of weeks ago, refusing to come home for various reasons so Man and I had the house to ourselves. Apart from the little ginger ball of fluff :)

It was a taste of what life might be like in a few years time when the kids have flown the various nests and we are able to live together all the time.

It was great.

Sometimes the simplest things like cooking, cleaning the kitchen and doing the garden can give you pleasure, because they are things you are doing together for a change.

I look forward to that time in the future.

This is the candid shot for the day.

I drove home last night, very good journey home – it only took two hours.

And it’s back to the grindstone for me, with the added pressure of a moving date in 10 days time. Lots and lots to do :)

I will try and fit in some practice with my camera too … but I think it’s going to be a busy couple of weeks.

By the way, did you see the victory parade for the Olympians and Paralympians yesterday? Boris Johnson’s speech was hilarious. I love the fact we have an eccentric madman as Mayor of London, he’s great.

  1. I saw the juddering sodden climax that was Boris’s summary of the summer he is wonderful totally bonkers of course but lunatic in that way only the true british upper class can manage, love the bit when he suggested they not only inspired but created a generation :D

    • I think that was my favourite too … that and the line about how the Olympics even persuaded two people on a train to have a conversation :)

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