Sunlight and half a castle

Newark Castle in the evening sun.

We went to Newark yesterday evening. There is a castle there. It looks quite impressive from the river and we thought it faced in the right direction to catch the evening sun.

We were right.

It’s only about 25 miles away from Man’s house and it was well worth the short drive.

We’ve been there once before. On  a whim we decided to play a game on Gowalla and follow the Robin Hood trail. We went and checked in online at about nine places including the Major Oak in Sherwood Forest and here because this is where King John died in 1216.

The castle was built about a century earlier when Henry I granted the Bishop of Lincoln permission to build it.

It’s seen better days now.

Half a castle.

It looks really impressive when you view it from a little further upstream, near the bridge, but from this angle you can see it’s really only half a castle. The western wall is almost complete, the northern wall is partly there, the southern and eastern walls are pretty much missing.

The castle was deliberately destroyed, I think the term is slighted, in 1648 and then partially restored in the mid-1800s and then again later that century. It is now a Grade I listed building and a schedule ancient monument.

More importantly for us, it is very photogenic.

There were three reasons for going to Newark yesterday.  We wanted pictures of the castle in the evening sun – and the light was gorgeous – we wanted sunset picture and we wanted after dark pictures of the castle lit up and reflected in the river.

The castle lit up.


So here’s the castle lit up.  I quite like the castle pictures. The sunset pictures I was less impressed with. But they’re ok.

My best sunset picture.

It wasn’t quite the right location. We wanted more detail at the bottom but there was a community centre and a lamppost getting in the way.

Newark Church.

Newark also had a lovely church, a great market place, lots of shops, the river, an amazing mish mash of architecture, lots of little bars and restaurants, good car parking, huge parks and the Newark Showground hosts loads and loads of events all year. Newark has ticked all the boxes and is another possibly location for our shared home (when we get there).

I have, however created a monster.

Man is a contortionist.

Man is constantly talking about arty shots and lights and is getting very competitive when it comes to this photo taking lark :).

He is contorting himself into weird positions to get a different shot, challenging me to competitions to get the best action/candid/sunset/anything shot.

And at one point he hurled himself on his belly in the damp grass in the dark to try and take some shots of some very elusive rabbits. The rabbits weren’t altogether cooperative and the shots weren’t altogether successful but it did make me laugh. He definitely needs a tripod :)

And I think we need to go back to Newark again cos it was lovely.


  1. I just love castles, love ’em, I think I might really be english down deep inside, well no actually I’m Norwegian from top tp bottom, and my ancestors probably weren’t very nice to yours….I ramble, still I love castles…a lot, Excellent shots, you guys are great! Especially the contortionist! :)

    • Hehe, he was bending in all sorts of directions. I love castles too. I also love Norway, have had some wonderful trips there.

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