Going out to play

Reflections at Attenborough Nature Reserve.

Went out to play yesterday with the new camera. And now I’m on a guilt trip.

All this time I have been going out with my camera and Man on nice long walks while I’ve been snapping away, I didn’t even think that it wasn’t nearly as interesting for Man as it was for me,

Yesterday, we both had cameras as Man had the old Nikon and now we can both take photographs and I will try very, very hard not to be quite as selfish again.

We went to Attenborough Nature Reserve on the outskirts of Nottingham. It’s a place we’ve been a couple of times before and it is so huge you can head off in a different direction every time you visit.

St Mary’s Church, Attenborough.

This time we headed towards the village of Attenborough purely because we hadn’t been that way before.

We found a fisherman who had lived in and around the area for many years who was bemoaning the amount of money spent on what he called the “unnecessary” flood defences around the village. You can see the wall in the photograph of the church.

Mr fisherman said it has completely destroyed the view of the church but I still thought the reflections on the lake were quite lovely.

The church has the graves of many people killed in the Chilwell explosion in 1918. The explosion in an ammunition factory, killed more than 130 people. Apparently it was the biggest loss of life from a single explosion in the First World War.

The factory supplied about a third of the munitions used during the war. A certain amount of mystery still surrounds the disaster but many of the victims are buried in a mass grave at St Mary’s.

The church itself is lovely. I like religious buildings very much.

Organ pipes

I liked the organ pipes and I thought they looked good in black and white.

The lecturn.

I also liked the lecturn.

Flowers and grass.

The graveyard was an odd mix of order and wildness. There were some beautiful cultivated flowers surrounded by grass and wilder areas.

Some of the gravestones had seen better days but I loved the way this one shaft of light fell across these ones.

We walked back past the talkative fisherman and around one of the lakes, just clicking away with the cameras as we went. Feels like I haven’t had time to do that for ages.

There was loads to capture, insects, scenery, plants. It was lovely just to play with my new toy :)

The picture quality is amazing.

As we nearly always, we found a vision of us in the future. I really hope that in 30 years time or so, Man and I are still wandering around hand in hand enjoying each other’s company.

I love Attenborough, it really is a very beautiful place.

Today we plan to go out later. It’s a gorgeous day again and we plan to try and take advantage of the evening sunlight. Haven’t decided where we are going yet.





    • Thanks … it’s so much fun taking them :)

  1. manty67 said:

    Lovely photo’s :)

  2. I love the photographs, all of them, how wonderful! Excellent quality Dory and great composition! :)

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