Woo hoo I’m a calendar girl

I can see you.

Woke up this morning and checked my emails.

There was one from a woman from the Children’s Eye Foundation in the USA.

It said:


I wanted to pass along the good news that our judges have selected the photo you entered in the Eye Care for Kids Contest to be included in our 2013 calendar. When you have a moment, please provide a high resolution version of your photo either in .jpg or .png file format. A high resolution photo is normally larger than 200kb. Also, what name should we use for attribution of the photo?

Congratulations for being chosen to be included in the calendar and thank you for participating!”

Woo hoo – how excited am I?

(In case you hadn’t guessed, I submitted the photo above).

Work has been tough this week, really tough but that email has so cheered me up.

And this afternoon I am off up the  motorway to spend the weekend with Man :)

All is good.

On the downside, Man’s 85-year-old mother, who has been on holiday staying with her sisters in Kent, has had a fall and has broken her pelvis and her arm. Apparently she was trying to hop over a hedge!

She is now stuck in a hospital in Kent for six weeks, while the rest of her family are in Nottingham or, at best, Man is down here.

We are going to have to try and fit in a few trips to Kent over the next couple of weeks. She’s going to be very bored. Best stock up on diabetic sherbet lemons for her (they are her favourite).


  1. Congratulations. I once had a short series of photos published in a magazine. It was only a local affair with readership of only six hundred but it still put a smile on my face for weeks. So enjoy it; you’re a published photographer Dory.

  2. Congratulations Dory, way to go! Sorry about Man’s mum, hopeful she’ll do a speedy recovery, Penny

    • Thank you so much. It is a great shame she is in hospital so far away, it’s going to make it difficult for us to get to see her.

      • Yes, that is the hard one isn’t it. I know!

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