Flying visit

This is a flying visit this morning, pretty much just because I promised myself I would post every day and, since May, I have only missed one day.

Yesterday was manic. Still haven’t caught up with everything else after having had all these education supplements to put together. It really was a struggle yesterday and I didn’t get away from work until 8.45pm.

I’m heading back in a minute (it’s 4.45am) because we are going to have so much to do today.

Everyone is so overworked at the moment.

There are bike sheds outside the back of the building.

I took this on my iPhone yesterday.

The weeds have grown up around the bicycles.

It looks like a couple of people must have cycled to work and never got out of the building alive again.

The place has that hold on you :)

On the plus side, when I got home last night gorgeous daughter number 1 had made a healthy lasagne. She had replaced the pasta with layers of corgette and topped it with mashed swede and a little bit of cottage cheese. It was absolutely delicious.



  1. Love the story of the tangled bikes and poor workers! Maybe you could make it into a poster for your lunchroom! Something like…The Cycle Stops Here!
    How wonderful to have the hot dinner waiting for you at home though…that is a blessing.

  2. I’m coming for dinner, really soon, sounds delicious Dory, :)

    • It really was and lovely of her to prepare me some dinner

      • Yes the best part is her thoughtfulness! :)

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