By jove I think we’ve done it!

Well that just about sums up my household – it might look like a bunch of weeds, but there are beautiful flowers living here (we’re just hidden well lol).

Started round two of the rescue the holly tree campaign yesterday and tackled the front garden as well and, you know what? I think we are almost there now.

Had a few issues. There were some very stubborn branches that my large snippy things wouldn’t go through and I couldn’t find any gardening gloves so I didn’t want to tackle the little clump of stinging netteles I have been cultivating.

So I called International Rescue and my parents arrived bearing gifts of gloves, secateurs and a water blasty thing so I could clean the patio.

Ooooh, was that fun :) Much more entertaining that weeding, pulling up stinging nettles and cutting down bushes.

Midway through – what a difference a spray makes :)

It really worked too – how amazing is that?

But I am thinking I probably should have put some footwear on while I was playing!

Nice tan though :)

When they left, I weeded the front garden and finished the daring rescue of the holly tree (this involved step ladders and everything!).  I ended up with a huge pile of trimmings so les parents will be returning today complete with one of those mincer things to chop up all the branches so we can take them to the dump.

A rescued, if slightly-decimated holly tree (I am sure it will recover)

I also emptied, cleaned and refilled one of the kitchen cupboards – do you know I found seven packets of rice (five of them opened) and four bottles of Caesar salad dressing. I’m thinking this is slight overkill.

And I found this miraculous gel stuff that removes hard water stains from sinks etc. Amazing.

So far today I have finished off the third of the four education supplements and cleaned the upholstery of three of our four dining chairs.

I am seriously on a roll.

I shall be very glad when this is all over, I’m exhausted and I want to go back to wandering around with my camera :)



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  1. I am in awe of all your efforts – good on you, as they say in N Zealandf!

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