I think I’ve broken the garden!


I have mentioned before how I am not the greatest gardener in the world.

Green-fingered I am not.

Yesterday top of my list was to tidy up our tiny front and back garden in preparation for handing the house back. There were plenty of other things on the to do list as well, sadly I didn’t get round to them because I got a bit carried away.

Now, when we moved in two years ago at the bottom corner of the garden there was, what I thought, were two bushes overgrown and merged into one.

Recently bindweed has taken hold right at the top, so i thought I’d clear it.

But, what looked to be two bushes actually turned out (after some pruning/hacking) to be a very lovely variegated hollybush completely overrun by these huge great weed things masquerading as a bush, which was in turn being overrun by the bindweed. So I thought I’d rescue the hollybush.

Ever regretted starting something? Well I regret starting this!

The pile of stuff I’ve cut off is bigger than the stuff that’s left.

Gorgeous daughter number one returned home, took one look at me and yelled to her boyfriend:”Oh dear, Muggins has killed all the plants!”

And I haven’t even started on the house yet – well I packed one box.

I’m not sure I can get everything done in  three weeks if I carry on like this. I’d better get back to it.

So far this morning all I’ve done is kill all the plants in the front garden too :)

  1. I was sure I’d see a second picture where you had cut the remainder into the shape of an animal or something you know like edward scissorhands. :)

    • Oh dear lol … my gardening skills are negligible :) I hack things, that’s about my limit :)

  2. I don’t even hack. I spend several hours weeding today and I was all done after that. Ever noticed how healthy weeds are, they never seem to need fertilizer or anything. What’s up with that? Congrat’s on finding a place (I will share with you that I hate the whole moving process a lot) Hopefully all will go smoothly for you, Also, way cool camera! :)

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