The brewer

Margaret Dunkin

I love food festivals and markets, you meet such interesting people.

Man and I were at Wollaton Hall on Sunday and we bumped into Margaret (we are naturally drawn to stalls selling cheese, chutneys and beer!)

We particularly enjoy chatting to people who run little micro businesses selling local and artisan produce.

Margaret runs a micro brewery in Nottingham called Flipside Brewery. The brewery has been going a little over two years, launched when Margaret’s husband Andrew had a career change from working in IT – brewing sounds like a lot more fun :)

It’s a great name. She enjoyed home brewing and her husband enjoyed coin collecting. That’s where the name came from.

We bought a Flipside glass. Man likes to drink beers from a glass from that particular brewery, we have quite a collection now.

We also bought beer. Six bottles, all different, so we could taste the range. We have been on a couple of brewery tours that have taught us a little about tasting beers.

Flipside does a good range, from pale ales to porters, so we tried a bit of everything.

Now Man loves a beer, I just have a mouthful or two of each one. I’m curious about the different tastes.

The beers have some great names and it mainly sells to pubs throughout the Midlands and beyond. Apparently it also has a little shop – I sense a visit coming on :)

Good head.

Flipside has beers called things like  Sterling Pale, Golden Sovereign, Flipping Best, Dusty Penny, Copper Penny and Random Toss, how can you not want to try a beer called Random Toss?

They are all very different. Even I could taste the tropical fruit flavours in it.

Man’s favourite though was the Dusty Penny. He put off tasting it to start with, preferring to sample the lighter beers. In fact, he didn’t try it until after I had journeyed home (sneaky, I didn’t get to drink any of it then!). But he said the full-bodied dark Porter (bursting with chocolate and caramel malt flavours so the tasting notes say) was delicious.

When Man and I are looking to change careers and work for ourselves, it’s really inspiring to chat to someone who has been there, done that and made a success of it.

Margaret was lovely, so passionate about what she does and the end results certainly passed our taste tests.

You can find out more about Flipside Brewery (based in Colwick in Nottingham) here. It’s the home of flipping good beers (do you see what they did there? lol)


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