Oh god, have I started something

I think I’ve started World War Three.

All hell has broken loose over the home truths I told stepdaughter to be on Tuesday.

My words were harsh, I grant you that. But they were all true.

The problem is I know she is a very angry, resentful, screwed up kid. She is never going to be happy unless she deals with some of the issues she has. But she won’t, or can’t.

However Man has now been caught up in the middle of this huge row, which has also involved the mother who threw stepdaughter to be out last year because she couldn’t handle her and who, with incredible maturity, responded to this latest crisis by unfriending me on facebook.

You know when people deliberately hurt the ones you love how you want to protect them? Well the person I want to protect is Man and sadly the person I want to protect him from is his own daughter.

That’s not an easy situation for him, for his daughter or for me.

  1. Dory, I’ve had four of ’em. The only way I managed to stay on speaking terms with them all, and my husband, was never to get involved in their stuff, but to stay neutral. Then they couldn’t pick a bone with me. It worked, and forty years later, we’re still good friends – if this is any help for the long haul…..

    • Thanks Valerie, I know that is good advice :)

  2. nikkix2 said:

    ((hugs)),,,isn’t incredible how children can get to us. I was in a relationship with a lovely man,,but I just could not take his daughters, spoiled,manipulating ways plus she was really mean to my youngest daughter, so I had to do what was best for my daughter and myself and end the relationship because this “man” wouldn’t stand up to his daughter.

    • Luckily the children are older and there is quite a distance between them (150 miles) but my two won’t have her in our house any more because she was so obnoxious last time she came to stay – and it’s their home and they help pay the bills so they get a say.

  3. Take good care of yourself and keep your sense of humour, best wishes…well… one step back… but maybe it will result in two steps forward as she knows your limits now….kids that are difficult need love the most.

    • Thanks, I really hope so :) And I do feel extremely sorry for her. She is such a mixed up angry kid. Deep down she has a good heart but she can’t control her temper and that gets her into so much trouble. I wish she would let someone in who could help her.

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