Of cheesecake and writing

Another glorious sunset.

Well my day started well yesterday.

Drove to work, pulled into a petrol station to get fuel. Luckily I checked my handbag BEFORE I put fuel in because I had no purse. It was still in the camera bag where it lives most weekends.

Luckily, I had enough petrol to get to and from work, but I’ve probably been captured on CCTV, suspiciously pulling up to a petrol pump and then driving away.

Now this also meant I could not buy cigarettes (yes, yes I know I shouldn’t smoke) and I had four – not enough to last the day.

I got to work and set the building alarm off. It was about 7.10am and I thought a colleague would be in before me so I went in the front door. Nope, he was elsewhere so all the alarms went off.

Not bad for pre-7.30am lol.

I had, however, remembered the cheesecake. Mississippi Mud Pie cheesecake. As a bribe/thank you to the production department I think it went down quite well (one colleague posted on facebook that I was the best boss in the world). It was certainly decadent enough to please :)

And then yesterday evening someone finally read my short story. In fact two people did, two people that I don’t know and who aren’t biased woo hoo.

They were both very complimentary but offered constructive criticism as to how I could improve the story as well. Precisely what I wanted. I was very pleased.

And the sunset wasn’t bad either :)

I have. however, had a huge falling out with step daughter to be. I got fed up with her behaviour and decided it was about time I told her a few home truths. This did not go down well and I am now a former facebook friend because of it. Ho hum. Stroppy teenagers are hard … someone else’s stroppy teenager is even harder.

You know where you stand with your own.

I once had a conversation with gorgeous daughter number one (who was about 14 at the time) that went something like this.

GD1: “I’m going to London on Friday night.”

Me: “Who with?”

GD1: “My friends, we are going to Waterloo Station.”

Me: “What are you going to do at Waterloo Station?”

GD1: “Stand around.”

Me: “You will look like a group of young prostitutes.”

GD1: “I’m going anyway.”

Me: “Ok.”

GD1: “What?”

Me: “I said ok.”

GD1: “Aren’t you going to tell me I can’t go?”

Me: “No.”

GD1: “Why not?”

Me: “Because you have no intention of going and I have no intention of arguing about something that isn’t going to happen.”

Problem solved :)

Wish it was that easy with stepdaughter to be.

  1. That cheesecake sounds delicious! Makes me realize I forgot to eat dinner (oops)! Oh and gorgeous sunset :)

  2. Viv said:

    Can you sign her up for one of those ‘Go and live with the Amish/on a commune/in a slum’-ty

  3. Viv said:

    Can you sign her up for one of those ‘Go and live with the Amish/on a commune/in a slum’-type programmes? It may give her a reality check of how good she has it!

  4. Viv said:

    PS My fat thumbs evidently let me down!

  5. anembarrassmentoffreedom said:

    Does the stepdaughter to be like cheesecake?

    • Haha … just give her cheesecake, good plan.

  6. Great conversation with your daughter, Christina and I were like that, now we’re just best friends! Sorry about the future stepdaughter, that’s a toughy, Penny

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