Home again and back to the grind

Well I’m back in deepest, darkest Hampshire after a fabulous weekend at Man’s.

No more fun and frolics for another fortnight – sometimes this sucks.

But I do have so much to do. The house won’t pack itself will it?

Yesterday afternoon I thought I would try and set up a new section on my blog about some of the people Man and I meet on our travels.

I’ve seen other blogs that have tabs along the top and they take you to a page full of connected posts. Could I do it? Of course I couldn’t lol. But I have set up a menu down the side that takes people to my page of what I’ve called Fascinating People, because I do find people fascinating.

I have another one to add later this week about a brewer we met on Sunday … but that’s for another post.

The first one is about a volunteer at Nottingham Industrial Museum, who was just lovely. I intend it to be a sporadic series.

And I’ve also started a little photo blog called Dory’s Eye. This one is just one photo every day. None of the unnecessary words that you find here :).

I am still eagerly awaiting someone, anyone, to review my short story on the Writers Cafe site. And this week I have got to do another stock photo submission to see how I go.

But work calls now. And it will be another busy week because of the Bank Holiday yesterday.

Old advertising cans at the museum on Sunday.

And because we have yet more people off on holiday and tight deadlines this week, I have decided to thank the staff (bribe them) with a very large cheesecake from the Cheesecake Shop in Nottingham.

Seriously, how good do these look? And, more to the point, why have I never discovered this place before? I sense lots more visits (lots, and lots, and lots).


Yummmmmm :)


  1. It would be my honor to share the Sunshine Award with you…because you are like a ray of sunshine to me :) If you like you can come by and pick it up :) http://wp.me/p2wxQT-fV Blessings ~

    • Thank you Christina, I am so flattered. I shall pick it up with pride :)

      • Yay!! :D !! It was my honor to share it :)

  2. Regarding short stories…I’ve been advised(by my writing coach) to not tell everything..leave something for the reader’s imagination, start anywhere in the story…not necessarily at the beginning…and be aware that you may have more than one story going on in your short story and that confuses the reader…I looiked up the writer’s cafe idea here in Canada as i wasn’t aware of it….I would suggest going to a writer’s group meeting in your area ( might be a group?)….look for info regarding one….and get feedback from them ( real live people!)…mine has a group of several dozen people…meets every month….critique groups are part of that for those that want it….I just take mine to my coach that I pay to advise me….she is a professional artist and teaches voice but coaches me as well….a year ago I started going to her on a flexible basis and it has really helped my writing…

    • Thank you so much for that, that is really useful advice. I shall see if I can find a writers’ group locally to join :)

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