Oh what fun we had :)

The Segway king and queen :)

What an absolutely fabulous day we had yesterday. It was such fun.

This a photo of me and Man. I don’t think I’ve posted one before. He’s tall and slim and I’m not lol. Opposites attract so they say.

In action at a heady four miles an hour!

One of the things we both have in common, however, is an urge to try new things and live life to the full. Yesterday we tried our hand at Segway and it was amazing.

You can’t quite see them in the photo but there are little platforms with big wheels. You lean forward to go forward and backwards to … well, you can work that out :) The handle bars steer just by pushing them gently left or right.

We did a tester session around some cones, reverse parking into a very small space and going round in circles.

In all honesty it took about one minute to get used to them, they are so stable you would have to try exceptionally hard to fall off. Then we took off across country on a guided tour of Wollaton Hall, the grounds and lakes.

It was such fun.

And now we have a taste for adventure and have been looking at quad biking and off roading, karting … we even thought we’d have a go at archery.

There is no stopping us, we are officially adrenalin junkies :)

Colourful sweets

Full of hot air (a bit like me lol)

They had a food festival on at the hall. It wasn’t really up to much but they did have a lovely, and extremely interesting, lady from a Nottingham micro brewery who we spoke to for ages and then bought beer from (well you have to, don’t you). And she got me thinking. Man and I chat to a variety of people on our little road trips and most of them are fascinating. So I’m going to start a little blog series devoted especially to them. Watch this space.

We had a look around the industrial museum and the big beam engine was working. Here we ran into fascinating person number two (yep, he’s going to feature as well).

There were loads of steam driven machines on display and they also had a little working model of Nottingham’s famous Goose Fair.

I haven’t been to Goose Fair yet, it always clashes with gorgeous daughter number two’s birthday. But I’ll go one day.

Goose Fair is believed to have started around 1284. It hasn’t run continuously … they cancelled it because of the Great Plague and it didn’t take place during the First or Second World War … but it has quite an impressive history. Now it is mainly a huge fairground but it used to be famous for its cheese.

Part of the working model of Goose Fair.

The view from the pub terrace.

From Wollaton, and with the excitement still coursing through our veins from the Segways, we headed off to find something to do for the afternoon.

We headed into Leicestershire and found a lovely little pub to have lunch in.

I like eating al fresco, whatever the weather. The manager warned us that rain was forecast but we chanced it anyway and just about finished our meals before that big rain cloud in the photograph rolled overhead.

We have (often) eaten outside in the rain. We can be a little bit stubborn like that. But most places have umbrellas so the food doesn’t get that soggy :).

I just prefer to eat outside, that’s just me.

Rain on the river.

It did rain quite heavily moments later, but by that time my chicken Caesar salad had been devoured.

From there we set off into Derbyshire and visited Donnington Sunday Market. What a  load of tat they sell at these markets lol. But we did find an extremely useful rake and some artisan cheese (mustard and horseradish cheddar – yet to be taste tested).

Market officials packing up.

We got there quite late and they were packing up around us as we went.

I also put pen to paper and drafted my very first full short story for about 30 years. And then I nervously posted it on the Wrtiers Cafe site.

I am hoping for some critical feedback. So far no one has even read it. I need to learn how to make friends on there in the hope that someone will.

Well, to be fair, one person has read it. Man. But I’m not going to get critical feedback from Man, he’s just going to say it is good (which is exactly what he did say). And that’s because he’s biased lol.

So we packed loads and loads into yesterday and had such a lovely day. This is what weekends are made for.

  1. This all sounds so lovely!

    “One of the things we both have in common, however, is an urge to try new things and live life to the full.”

    My partner and I are the same way. We both love to try new things and go on new and different adventures. It’s wonderful having a partner that you can enjoy those sorts of things with isn’t it?

    I also like eating outside. Your story reminds me of the time my family went to Paris in January. It was probably 30 degrees out (zero degrees Celsius) but we ate one of our dinners outside regardless. All the locals walking by looked at us like we were crazy!

    Looking forward to reading more about your adventures :)

    • It’s the first time I’ve had a partner who is willing to try all sorts of things and I really appreciate being with someone who is like that :)
      And I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes eating outside whatever the weather – you’re right, people do think you’re crazy if you want to do that lol.
      Thanks brandic. I really appreciate your comments :)

  2. You guys look like you had a blast! Oh and about your short story I’m betting anything that the reason that man said it was good was because it is good, just a guess on my part but just saying… :)

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