Woo hoo it’s almost the weekend


As I have done absolutely nothing this week apart from work, I thought I’d tell you about work.

I am the group production editor for a series of local newspapers.

My department, which occupies a floor of an old converted Mill, designs and lays out the pages for 25 local newspapers (plus associated magazines and supplements) that cover bits of Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Buckinghamshire and London. We number about 30 altogether with freelances.

We are always busy.

The department is split into four teams and I oversee all of them but I came originally from the Surrey and Hants team and that’s where my real area of expertise lies.

Now the week before a Bank Holiday is always manic and this week has been no different. What makes it bearable, though, are the people I work with.

What a motley crew we (the Surrey and Hants team) are lol. Staffers number four men and four women (including me) and a freelance. Two other colleagues are currently on maternity leave.

Among the little band of brothers we have the South East Worm Charming champion (who also represented Great Britain in the World Mini Golf championships a year or so ago and will do pretty much anything to get his name in the papers) a martial arts expert and coach and an author of books about The Beatles.

We are all very different characters but the thing we all share is a sense of humour. I don’t think we could get through the week without one.

We band together against all the other departments – the advertising reps, the editorial departments, the IT guys, HR (a particular favourite to rant about), the planning and output department – none match the supremacy of our editorial production department :)

We are the first ones there in the morning and the last to leave at night.

We laugh about the reporters’ inadequacies (particular favourite this week was the reporter who wrote about  “rest bite” care rather than respite care.

We work hard and we laugh (and moan) lots.

I can’t imagine a better team of people to work with. And I am grateful to them always.

Because of our long days, we work four days a week. Four of them (all those who have Fridays off) are coming in on their day off today to help out because of the Bank Holiday. That’s the sort of people they are.

And even our wonderful freelance, who travels down from the Midlands each week to work with us, keeps coming back – despite the fact that accounts have cocked up and not paid him at all, nothing, nada for the seven weeks he has been working with us!

What an amazing team :)

My car (it’s still Gertie, she’s not now being taken away until September 20) is packed with a futon and a bbq to take to Man’s. I have camera, laptop, associated charges, clothes etc.

Get through the deadlines today and then I am off up the motorway to Man’s for the weekend.

Woo hoo :)

PS – the clock has ticked down again … only 3.1 years to my 50th birthday now!!!

  1. Great bunch or band of brothers as you say! Makes it all worthwhile. Hope that freelance guy gets some pay or recognition soon!
    We had a union steward (a teacher, mind you) that called herself…. and even put it in writing… our union stewart…..she always got things slightly wrong…maybe she could have been a junior reporter…

  2. I love coming to your blog. (you know that already :) ) catching up, a few days behind, as you said the ol’ clock ticks while we try to squeeze in as much as we can into each day (the important things, family activities, blogging oh and then the rest of the stuff….) Are you guys moving soon? Thank you for your lovely words the other day re: Christina. She is just blooming. I am so happy for her (the talent was always there she just didn’t recognize it as such!) Have the bestest weekend, my dear friend, Penny

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