Nothing going on but work

There’s absolutely nothing going on here but work.

Yesterday it was a 5.30am start and a 7pm finish. By the time I get home I have enough energy to sit in the garden and stare into space.

But I did sleep a little better last night.

I’m heading into work again now. It will be about the same again today I think. And probably tomorrow. Then I escape to Man’s house for the weekend.

Saw this sign outside a tea shop in Swanage on Sunday. It made me smile.

As did this raft.

I am so looking forward to taking some more photographs this weekend.

My friend at work who went on maternity leave finally produced a baby the night before last. She was 12 days late and must have been going insane. Welcome to the world Elisa Samantha Jones. And many congratulations to Hannah and Mark.

I bought her a very cute present a couple of months ago :) Can’t wait to give it to them.

Anyway, off to work for yet another busy day. My work/life balance sucks during the week.



  1. Oh how well i remember that too much work almost zombie feeling but…since retiring at a fairly young age (57) I have been blessed with time for myself. I hope those wonderful weekends give you enough fun, rest and inspiration to balance out the necessary work grind for now.

    • Yes they do :) It would be nice to have a little time in the evening once in a while though!

  2. OH! The Tardis….I am so very obsessed with Doctor Who…though mostly when David Tennant was the Doctor…this is a great though….thank you for sharing this most creative photograph! :)

      • My favorite word – Quirky!!! :D

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