Getting back on track

I’ve been getting a bit off track recently. When I started this blog it was meant to be about how Man and I were going to change our lives, carve ourselves out new careers that we could do together and work for ourselves, and raise enough money to buy ourselves a home.

Recently I’ve just been rambling. I should add this to my list of skills, I’m very good at rambling.

I should have done a load of stuff this weekend, packing up the house for the move date (incidentally the letting agent hasn’t contacted us yet to say what that will be – should I be worried?) more writing, those hubposts that I keep putting off etc etc.

Instead Man and I spent a lovely weekend chilling by the river and the sea, saying a fond farewell to Gertie the VW Golf and just enjoying time together.

The thing is, because we live quite far apart and only see each other for weekends a few times a month, I feel any time we do have together is precious.

I don’t want to be hunched over my laptop for hours when I could be spending quality time with him.

I will have to be much more disciplined when we live together or I’ll never get anything done.

Although, our road trips do teach me lots. We are both inquisitive souls and spend a lot of time asking questions and looking up the answers. There’s a lot of ‘what’s that’, ‘what’s round that corner’,  ‘how come this area is so hilly’, ‘what destroyed that castle’. Then we Google it.

Learning is important to me. As long as I am learning something, I don’t feel I am wasting my time. This is especially true at work where, as soon as a job becomes easy, I tire of it and want to move on to something else.

I suppose that’s why I’ve stuck with journalism for so long. Journalists, especially those on local papers, are constantly learning something new from the people they interview.

Anyway (yes, I know I am rambling again) what prompted this little outburst about my going off on tangents was an email I got yesterday from one of the stock photo agencies (one that hasn’t yet accepted my work) saying I haven’t submitted anything for a while and I really should.

Yes you’re right, I should.

And also the amazing poetry I have been reading on an amazing blog that was introduced to me recently by Christina called Reconstructing Christina. Her poems are just beautiful and she is inspiring me to spend some more time on my creative writing.

It’s time to get back on track and start concentrating on the future again.

Not that I would change a single moment of the weekend. Everybody needs a break from their busy schedule don’t they? And every minute spent with Man is time well wasted (as the Brad Paisley song says) because it is investing in the future of our relationship and that has to be worth putting effort into.

So this morning I will take Man to the station for his journey home before I head into work. But that’s ok because I am going to see him again on Friday.

It will be a busy week at work because of staff holidays and that fact that there is a Bank Holiday next Monday so we have more work to do in less time.

And if I get a chance in the evenings before I fall asleep, I shall write, I shall read, I shall take photos, I shall get inspiration from some amazing blogs and I shall start packing up my house.

I shall probably be knackered but that’s ok because I have a long term goal and it is worth the effort.

The photos by the way, were all taken at Hamble on Saturday.




  1. There I was feeling so extremely guilty for not getting to faithfully visit all the amazing new people who have visited me….and I do so adore your light hearted humor and uplifting style of writing — not to mention the gorgeous photographs!! I’m reading along and then….bam….your amazing compliment! You are so sweet and it is more than most appreciated that you would be inspired to spend time on your creative writing!! I’m just a smiling happy girl today…thank you :D !! Hope you have an awesome day too!! (or night, always get confused on the time difference thing) Hugs!! ~

    • You are most welcome. I love your poetry, it really strikes a chord with me and is so beautiful

      • I can’t express adequately how incredibly amazing that makes me feel :) I’m truly flattered and honored…truly!! :D !!

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