Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Traditional English seaside.

It’s a sad week this week. I have to say goodbye to Gertie.

Gertie is my VW Golf, my company car. She’s being replaced with an Astra (reserving judgement on this one!).

Gertie has carted Man and I on our various road trips throughout the last two and a half years. She’s taken us all over the place. I will miss her.

So to commemorate Gertie, Man and I accompanied her on her final road trip yesterday. We went to Swanage in Dorset. Neither of us had ever been before.



The drive there (and in fact the drive home) was a nightmare. About three hours either way, purely the volume of traffic, but then it was a gloriously hot Sunday in the middle of August.

It was heaving, there were so many people there.

The Victorian pier.

It has a Victorian pier which is being lovingly renovated. It was a two storey pier, which I thought was unusual. You could get lots of shade under there and it was nice and breezy, a good place to cool down.

RNLI crew.

It was the end of Swanage’s National Lifeboat week and there was a fundraising event on the green just behind the pier.

Love the sign.

I loved this. It was an old, dilapidated building off the sea front. I liked the sign and the fact that the bike was left there.

More elderly people.

Also loved the fact that this elderly couple were enjoying their exercise session quite far out to sea.

No wind.

And there were no waves for this surfer, so he had to resort to paddle power to get moving.

Traditional Punch & Judy.

There was even a traditional Punch & Judy man.

We had a nice lunch, chilled on the pier, watched the boats and the people and then headed home.

It was a lovely day. Thanks for all the fun road trips Gertie, and for getting us from A to B and back again safely so many times. I am going to miss you loads.


  1. Wow. Swanage – I went to the grammar School there for a year when I was thirteen and never been back… nothing seems to have changed… it was lovely then….

    • I seem to be tracing your old haunts at the moment :) I love English seaside towns (but I don’t enjoy the crowds so much on a busy day)

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