A new place to call home :)

So yesterday, I was heading off to letting agent number two to tell them we would take the house we viewed on Friday when I had a call from letting agent number one.

He said another property had come on the market the night before and he’d made an appointment for us to see it at 10.45am. So I sat in the car park of letting agent number two and phoned gorgeous daughter number two and asked her what she thought.

We’ll see it, she said, the smallest bedroom might be bigger for you.

Now this will be the third property we have rented since we lost our house and in each one, I have ended up with the smallest bedroom. For the first rental, the girls decided the bedrooms ought to be allocated on the basis of Most Likely To Have Regular Sex. I lost :)

And I now still end up with the smallest room. To be honest, they are much more likely to use their bedrooms for watching tv or working on their computers. I use mine to sleep, so it doesn’t bother me.

Anyway, despite the fact that the house on Friday night was lovely, the smallest room was ridiculously small and the door was in the middle of a wall so I wasn’t convinced I’d get a double bed in their and be able to get in and out.

So Man, gorgeous daughter number two and I went to see this new house. AND IT’S PERFECT.

It’s about 500 yards from where we are now, bedrooms are great, kitchen is lovely, it has a shower, pretty little garden and it’s available before we get evicted WOO HOO. The landlord and the letting agent were both there and seemed lovely. We said we’d take it, the landlord said he’d take us AND the cats. Yay, we’re not homeless :)


Man and I decided to celebrate by going out for the rest of the day. We went to Hamble Le Rice in Hampshire, on the river Hamble and featured in the old television series Howard’s Way.

Not somewhere either of us had ever been before. but it was beautiful.

The Hamble to Warsash ferry :)

We took a bright pink ferry (maximum 12 people, two dogs and a bicycle) across the river to Warsash where we found watermeadows, huge houses and lots of sea birds.

Haha … you can’t miss the ferry stop.

And we found the loudest, lariest ferry stop ever.

You’re not going to miss this are you?

We wondered through little winding streets looking at the cute cottages and had the most amazing sandwiches sitting outside in a pub garden in the sunshine.

We ate ice cream (at least I did – white chocolate flavour ice cream and it was goooooood).

We watched the boats go by and selected the biggest and the best as our dream boats. Man wants one with a ‘twirly thing’ on the back because it would give us internet access as we traveled around the world.

We also found a Royal Mail post box painted Gold. Royal Mail has painted the post boxes in honour of Olympic Gold medalists from the 2012 games. This one is in honour of Women’s Team Pursuit champion Dani King.

A golden post box for Dani King. 

I think that is an amazing way to celebrate the  achievements of our Olympians.

Yep, Hamble was lovely.

We sat on the terrace outside a bar at the end of the day and watched the boats some more while we drank chilled lemonade and then made our way home.




  1. Congratulations on your new home.. The cats will be really relieved.

  2. nikkix2 said:

    So glad you and your pussy’s found a new home!

  3. Dory, I am so please for you and your family, yes finally. Here’s hoping the moving goes smoothly for all of you! :)

  4. Glad you found a place you like, good luck! Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos

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