I’d love to fly away


Guess which way Heathrow Airport is?

Man is down for the weekend (woo hoo), gorgeous daughter number one and boyfriend have taken themselves off to VFest for the weekend, the sun is shining.

We took our coffee outside to the garden this morning and this is what the sky looked like.

We live about 30 miles away from Heathrow Airport as the crow (or plane) flies. Lots of planes heading off to lovely places, I wish I was on one.

But there is lot to do here.

The latest minor disaster to strikes Dory’s World is that the ‘tatty house’ we had agreed to rent appears to be being sold from under us. Got a call from the letting agents yesterday to say that an offer had been made to buy it and ‘the landlord can’t decide what he wants to do’. Apparently he told them he would make a decision next week sometime … maybe.

In the meantime they still have the £360 daughter number one handed over the other day to check our references!

So gorgeous daughter number 2, Man and I went to view another house yesterday evening and it’s perfect, other than the fact that it isn’t available until the end of October and we have to be out of here by the end of September.

Still we are going to go for it and worry about that spare month once it happens.

I’d much rather be getting on one of those planes leaving those lovely skytrails above my house :)

  1. mlatimerridley said:

    Why no go on holiday for that spare month? Block your ears to the fact that you’ve (no doubt) have work and a hundred other reasons why you can’t go (i know i would!) and just run to the airport (with your hands over your ears! ‘i’m not listening! It’s holiday time!!’) :)

    • What an amazing idea, wouldn’t that be brilliant. Sadly, you’re right, the rest of my life gets in the way of that :)

  2. nikkix2 said:

    Come to Canada for the month,,,i’m sure I could talk the ex into letting you stay there for free,,lol :)

    • Oh I would love to :) sadly, work would moan like hell :)

  3. Great photo, I think life is like that today, everyone going in different directions. But I do get what you meant. Sorry about the rental, but it sounds like you found one better, I’m hoping figuring out the rest (timelines) works out for you too! Yes, I think I’d really like to get on a plane heading for a tropical island, yeah, thats the ticket! :)

    • Thanks. It was just there in the sky when I went into the garden :) it seemed apt.

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