Chilled out kitten

Stupid kitten.

I’ve mentioned the marvel that is Marvin the kitten before.

Well, he’s not really a kitten anymore, he’s about three years old. But he is incredibly lazy and a bit dim but hugely loveable.

He’s also one of the reasons we find it difficult to find places to live each time our tenancy agreement runs out and we have to move on.

Apparently landlords don’t like pets!

How can you not love Marvin though? He’s so ridiculous.

This is a picture of him taken on Saturday. Gorgeous daughter number one’s boyfriend covered him with rubbish. And he just lay there looking at him with an expression on his face that said “I’d be mad but I can’t be bothered”.

Hopefully this ‘tatty as hell’ house the girls have found will be ok with cats. Cos we’ve got two and we’re keeping them.

Man is down this weekend. I don’t know what we are doing but I hope it involves a road trip. Week has been busy and I could do with some R&R.

Not bothered!

They even added a bow to Marv and the pile of litter. He just went back to sleep.

Next lifetime, I’m going to  be a chilled out cat :)


  1. I’ve decided if I come back at all (next lifetime)…I’m definitely coming back as a cat, preferrably one like Marvin!! :)

    • Me too :) … food provided, attention from loved ones and lots of sleep purrrrfect lol

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