15 minutes late

Just a little too late.

I left for work quite early yesterday. Now I used to do this on a regular basis. I’d get to work about 5.30am/6ish but I’ve been trying to condition myself not to get to work until 6.30am/7ish over the last couple of months.

So I left home about 5.40am yesterday and the colours of the sunrise were absolutely beautiful so I drove like a bat out of hell to a vantage point on the Hog’s Back in Surrey praying that the pinks and oranges and golds wouldn’t fade before I got there.

But the light changes so quickly at that time of day and the beautiful colours had gone by the time I reached the Hog’s Back.

Still pretty though.

It was still gorgeous, watching the sunrise over the rolling hills. But I had to get to work so I didn’t have time to hang around.

I think the girls have found us a house woo hoo! It’s in the town where we are, (the town gorgeous daughter number one refuses to move out of) and apparently it’s a tatty as hell but it’s all about location, location, location for her so that’s fine.

I didn’t see our current house until the day we moved in, the girls viewed and accepted it, so I am sure I shall be pleasantly surprised by the next one :)

On a complete change of subject, have you ever looked at the statistics on WordPress and seen how people find your site?

I had a look the other day and four … count them, one, two, three, FOUR … people have accessed my site by typing the words ‘naked elderly fun’ into Google.

I can only assume it has referenced my posts about Semi-naked elderly people (again) and Itsy bitsy, teeny weeny bikini that I wrote about the abundance of elderly people taking their clothes off in front of me.

Should I be concerned? People, this is not a geriatric porn site and if that is what you are after, you should probably head somewhere else :)

I’m going to check every so often and see what people type in to Google that brings my blog up. Maybe I should rephrase some terms I use. But I use the word fun a lot. I find lots of things fun.

Anyway, it amused me.

Final picture before I headed to work.

This was the final shot I took yesterday before I headed down the hill and into Guildford. Nice way to start the day.

  1. Oh Dory your pictures made me so homesick, I lived in Guildford and at Liphook for some years. I’ve walked round the Hogs Back so many times, and found enchanting little lanes and cottages and dreamy gardens. Do you know Waggoners Wells? My first husband proposed to me there. F0rgive all this outpouring, your photos just pressed my buttons… let’s have some more!!!

    • It’s a lovely area. Especially first thing in the morning. Thanks Valerie :)

    • Ps I don’t know waggoners wells. I’ll track it down :)

  2. Beautiful beautiful photography Dory, I would have stopped too, but where are the naked elderly having fun? :)

    • Haha it was obviously too early for them :)

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