An Olympic effort at community spirit

I have absolutely loved watching the Olympics. From the opening ceremony to the closing one and all the excitement in between it has been brilliant.

Not only did the GB team win more medals than ever in living memory, the Games have just seemed to inspire a national pride that has been missing for a long time.

It started, I suppose, with the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations. Now I know a lot of people think the Royal Family are a waste of money but I happen to like them.

I like the fact that there is tradition and history in our country and I don’t think they do a bad job at all.

The celebrations for the Jubilee, followed so quickly by the Olympics, seem to have made people remember that actually, this isn’t a bad place to live after all. Sometimes as a nation we are quite good at stuff and I think we were quite brilliant at staging the Olympic Games.

I’ve had a pretty busy weekend this weekend – car boot sale (lots of money made, lots of rubbish got rid of), Hoof Fest in aid of Adam’s Hoofing Hut, my brother’s 40th birthday. Yesterday I cashed in yet another loose change pot and paid that in to The Pot along with the boot fair earnings, I collected a parcel for gorgeous daughter number 2, viewed a house (not really suitable) and helped Wallace the gardener remove the two spare sofas from my garden.

But I missed watching the Olympics on my day off. TV has gone back to being boring, which is probably why I barely watch it usually.

When I was at Hoof Fest on Saturday I spotted some wakeboarders on the lake and took the opportunity to take some photos of them.

I’ve never really attempted action shots before, so I thought I’d have a go and see what happened.

I was quite pleased with some of the shots (and some of them were completely useless lol).

I’ve a feeling it is going to be a busy week this week too. I always seem to be chasing my tail, there is never enough time to do everything. Needless to say it was the housework I missed out this weekend!

I really have to start doing some work on the HubPages I’ve set up and I haven’t printed off the photos for the pub landlord from the Open Mic Night last week yet. I promised I would write an article for the newspaper on Hoof Fest and submit some photographs and I’ve got to find somewhere to live. Oh, and work demands some attention too.

I suppose it will all get done at some point.

It’s a shame about this one. I just didn’t have time to pan out a little bit cos he was moving a bit too fast (speedboat and acrobatics combined).

Not bad for a first effort though.




  1. Wow, great shots!

    I secretly wish I was British. The UK seems like a lovely place to live.

  2. “Not bad” she says! I’ve seen wake boarders in action, I’d say well done, and if I could live in any other country it would be yours. I’ve loved so much about the UK for so long (as in most of my life – okay even if I’m a Norwegian by ancestors). Good for you for being proud of their (Olympics) accomplishments! Every day is crazy with stuff to do isn’t it. :)

    • Thanks Penny, I was quite pleased with some of them :). Now that’s a coincidence because I’d be very happy living in Norway, country of your ancestors. It’s beautiful and I love it. But I love the UK too :)

      • Your welcome, I’ve got some a few shots of Duane wake boarding – he was amazing at it. So have seen this close up and personal that’s why I was impressed. You’ve only got a few seconds to catch it! You do live in a country to be proud of. Of course you love it! History, tradition, culture and geographic beauty all wrapped into a nice neat little U.K. :)

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