Money makes the world go around (sadly)

Crafty stuff for sale.

I’m not really bothered about money, I never have been, which is probably why I’ve never got any.

As far as I am concerned, money has one use – to buy stuff and, as I’m not really into ‘stuff’ as in material possessions, money has never been that important.

As long as have enough money to pay the bills vaguely on time (I’m not bothered about them being precisely on time) and have a little bit left for mine and Man’s road trips, that’s really all I’ve needed.

So this saving money in a pot thing (not literally in a pot) for a deposit on a house is a new thing for me. I’ve NEVER had savings.

A car boot sale bright and early (about 7am)

Well this week the savings topped the £250 and then Man earned around £50 selling his old xbox 360 games on eBay and so this morning I thought I would go off and sell some of my valuable possessions (rubbish) to unsuspecting passers by at a car boot sale.

This would have the added bonus of clearing some unnecessary crap from my house so I don’t have to hump it from one place to another when we have to move out next month (still haven’t found anywhere to live by the way).

So, my morning started off well. I left the house wearing odd shoes.

Not just slightly odd, they weren’t both black or anything, one was bright red and the other one was navy blue!

Luckily I noticed before I got to the car boot sale and returned home to change them.

I was selling some old tools and dvds, craft stuff that I am never going to get round to doing anything with, that sort of thing. I was on the phone when one lady asked me how much a very large, full spool of ribbon was. I said £1. She asked me if I would take 50p. I said no, it was a huge spool of ribbon, very expensive and well worth £1.

I turned round to get something out of the car and when I turned back, lady had gone, ribbon had gone and there was 50p sitting on the table. I’m sure I would have found that very rude if it hadn’t also been quite amusing :). I have a picture in my head of her tucking the ribbon into her sari and dashing out of the boot fair before I noticed.

Lady opposite me was selling hats.

Gorgeous daughter number 2 arrived and went and bought me some breakfast and a coffee about 9.30am (after she had phoned me twice because she got lost) and asked what I had done to my top.

I looked down and there was a two inch rip in it straight down the middle. I have now clue how I did that and it was a very old top but by the time I left there were three rips in it!

Really, what is it with me and clothes? I can’t keep them clean or in one piece!

Gorgeous daughter number one also turned up with her boyfriend a little later and supplied a cold can of diet coke, which was very welcome, and I had a lovely time chatting to people as they browsed.

It was a successful morning and I managed to get rid of a  lot of rubbish AND I made £81.60 profit after taking out the £7 pitch fee. Woo hoo :). This will put us alarmingly close to the £400 mark I think.

It will be going in to the pot on Monday. The cashier at the bank is going to love me when she has to count up all those 20pence pieces.




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